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Squad Goals and Debt

By David Moffatt

Squad Goals and Debt  

All of the kids are talking about Squad Goals. I blame the perky blonde pop star and her group of celebrity pals who seem to be setting the bar of what friendship should look like.  Hence, “Squad Goals”.  Back in the day, squad goals was about keeping up with the Jones.  Now you’re expected to keep up with the Kardashians.  And since most of us aren’t living with a trust fund, it can make reaching those squad goals difficult.  Sorry squad, we’re not going to be able to frolic in the Caribbean this weekend, our credit cards have been declined.  Reality sucks, doesn’t it?

Is Debt a Member of Your Squad?

Of all your party pals, who’s the most annoying?  Is it that overbearing, bossy girl who constantly dictates what everyone is going to do?  Yah.  Here name is debt and she’s a real pain in the butt.  And truth be told, your friend DEBT really isn’t much of a friend at all, Debt is more of a buzzkill. Not only is debt calling the shots, debt is making your life miserable.  When you look at your life through debts eyes everything is askew, and your view of the world is tainted, influenced by your debt.  Debt has you feeling embarrassed, humiliated by your situation, and stressed out.  You’re exhausted, depressed, and fearful.  Because of debt your relationships are strained, and your outlook is hopeless.  Maybe it’s time to rearrange your squad.  Keep the caring, compassionate, and supportive friends and kick debt to the curb.  Bye Bye!

Debt Help – Your New Squad Goal

Unfortunately getting rid of a troll like debt isn’t as easy as easy changing your number and unfriending her on Facebook. Debt is petty and if you don’t end it right she will go out of her way to destroy your reputation.  Debt is kind of a cow that way. But you’re running with a new squad, a group of friends who know your struggles, and want to help eliminate your debt in the most caring and supportive way possible. And they do it without blame.

4 Pillars Debt Solutions has been helping Canadians reduce their debt since 2002. In fact over 97% of their clients have successfully completed their debt restructuring plans; making 4 Pillars an industry leader in Canada. With 4 Pillars on your side you get the support and professional expertise you need to deal with your debt. 4 Pillars was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching friends lose their businesses to debt.  They did their homework, combined their financial expertise and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again.


It’s your turn to call the shots

In Halifax your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist is David Moffatt.  Unlike a bankruptcy trustee, David works for you. Let me repeat that, David works FOR YOU!  By exploring the options that work best for your situation David will help you with every aspect of your debt settlement.  He’ll create a plan to deal with your creditors, and once an appropriate plan is in place, he’ll work with you to rebuild your credit. Sometimes your debt requires a different approach.  Bankruptcy is not the easy solution you may think it is.  And it’s certainly not your only recourse.  If a Consumer Proposal is your best option, David will represent you throughout the whole process.

With David in your squad you could see your debt reduced by up to 80% and totally paid off within 5 years!  Book your free consultation today and let David create a debt settlement strategy that works for you.  He will navigate you thru all of the financial terminology, help you effectively deal with your debt and help you rebuild your credit.

When you’re ready to get rid of debt for good, look up David Moffatt of 4 Pillars Halifax.  Just call 902 482 9748 to set up your free initial appointment. All you have to lose is your debt.  New squad goal: taking back your life. Now that’s a reason to party!

4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Details at 4Pillars.ca

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