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Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand: Life Is Not a Beach!

By Geordie Montgomery

Pull Your Head Out Of The Sand: Life Is Not a Beach!

Everyone has their idea of a dream vacation. It may be trekking thru exotic lands, 5 star luxury at a glamorous all-inclusive, or shopping the fashion capitals of the world. Maybe it’s a tropical beach with miles of white sand, a mountain resort where the powder is always fresh, or a weekend in your PJ’s binging on Netflix with your phone turned off.

Everybody has a different dream, their own way to escape. When you’re living with a lot of personal debt running away is the one thing you can’t afford to do. And not just because you don’t have room on your credit card for a bus ticket. You can sink your toes in the sand, just don’t bury your head in it.

Denial, a Nice Place to Visit

But you don’t want to live there. When you’ve got a lot of personal debt it weighs down on you, taking away your personal freedom. You’re constantly stressed, worrying about money, lack of money, your financial security, your family’s   well-being, your job, your bills, your relationships… no wonder you need a vacation. If only you could shout “DO – OVER”, run-away, change your name, and start over. Ignoring your debt just makes it angry, and bigger. And as much as you don’t want to, you know you need to stand up to it.

Before You Book Your Flight…

Call 4 Pillars Debt Solutions in Belleville, On. 4 Pillars was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching their friends lose their businesses to debt. They did their homework, combined their financial expertise and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again.

In Belleville your travel agent is Geordie Montgomery, he’s the Debt Specialist who will send your debt on a very long journey, far far away! Geordie will put together the best options for your situation. It may be debt consolidation, a consumer proposal, or some other form of debt settlement. Geordie and his team at 4 Pillars Belleville, ON can help reduce your debt by 80%. Not only will you be debt free within 5 years, they will work with you to rebuild your credit.

Call Geordie Montgomery at 613-827-4041 and re-discover financial freedom. Then you can plan that vacation, just don’t forget the sunscreen, or popcorn. Whatever, it’s your dream vacay, no judgement!

4 Pillars Debt Solutions. Details at 4Pillars.ca 


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