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Overwhelmed by debt? Here’s how to manage

By David Moffatt

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Experiencing debt is stressful, and often takes a toll on your day-to-day lifestyle and health. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, there are ways to deal with and manage your debt wisely, and get your financial future back on track. 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax is here to help you.

It’s important to analyze your overall financial situation in detail and to gain visibility to what went wrong and how to begin to fix it. Create or review your current budget and spending habits. From there, consider making small, achievable lifestyle changes while you get back on your feet. Activities that may seem inconsequential often help get you started on the road to saving. Maybe you can cook at home more and dine out less, cut back on those happy hour drinks and invite friends over, or get around town on your bike or the bus. You may also want to consider possible ways to increase your income. Does your situation and skill set allows you to take on freelance work, a part time job, or ask for a well-earned raise at work? It doesn’t hurt to think outside the box and see what opportunities might exist. Once you’ve established better financial discipline, you’ll feel a greater sense of control and it will become easier to prioritize your expenses and put an end to bad habits going forward.

While practical lifestyle changes are a great start, creating a short and long-term financial plan is a necessary step when struggling with debt. At 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax, we understand the importance of addressing your long-term financial goals as well as your immediate financial challenges. Once you establish the steps you need to take to become debt-free, whether it’s filing a consumer proposal, rebuilding your credit or moving ahead with a bankruptcy, conquering that pile of debt becomes possible. Every situation is unique, and 4 Pillars consultants have the expertise to create a strategy so you can get the best possible result, whatever route you take.

Rather than continuing to struggle alone with growing debt, contact 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax. A highly trained professional debt planning and financial rehabilitation consultant will customize a financial plan suited to your personal situation, advocate for you and only you,  and negotiate to get you the best possible result and then continue to work with you until your credit is reestablished and you are on the road to complete financial stability. The road ahead may seem frustrating today, but 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax can guide you to a successful financial future.

David Moffatt from Halifax Nova Scotia

When you have Debt Issues, who can you trust?  4 Pillars Halifax, I’m David Moffatt, call me today at (902) 482-9748. 

To learn more about 4 Pillars Debt Solutions.  Visit us at 4Pillars.ca. And while you’re there, sign up for our free Debt Boot Camp.

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