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Life after Debt: Rebuilding with 4 Pillars Halifax

By David Moffatt

Life after Debt: Rebuilding with 4 Pillars Halifax

With the ringing in of a new year comes the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start, a renewed sense of hope.  This is the year you’re going to lose weight, save money, exercise more, read more.  Whatever your New Years’ resolutions may look like, they are all your sincere attempt to make a change.

When you’re struggling with debt it’s hard to see the New Year as anything but ‘more of the same’.  It’s impossible to see potential and promise when there is a mountain of debt blocking your view.  In fact, when you live in the shadow of your debt, it’s hard to see anything positive at all.

I’m David Moffatt, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist in Halifax.  And I can change your view. I can help you knock that mountain of debt and start building the positive future you want.  In our last two articles I laid the groundwork for settling your debt. I presented the pros and cons of working directly with a bankruptcy trustee as opposed to hiring an advocate to look after your best interests.  Then I showed you some of the tools we can use to settle your debt, and help you stay out of debt in the future.

So, here we are, ready to embark on that journey to a new and better year.  The truth is, your journey doesn’t start when you are debt free it starts when you call 4 Pillars Halifax Debt Solutions for help, real debt help.

Consumer Want to Change

Debt is not your friend.  Sure it was fun in the beginning, but when times started getting tough, your debt wasn’t very supportive; in fact it just added to your problems.  The truth is, Debt has nothing positive to contribute to your life, but it demands everything; your peace of mind, your savings, your sleep, your job security, even your relationships.  Like any toxic relationship, your debt calls all the shots and you have no control over your life, your money, or your mental well-being.  So if you want to move forward in your life you’re going to need to break-up with your debt.

When you’re ready to unblock your view and reduce that mountain of debt to a pile of rubble, you won’t be doing it alone.  4 Pillars Debt Solutions will be there, leading the way.  After all, 4 Pillars has been helping consumers successfully deal with their debt since 2002.

A Holistic Approach to Life after Debt

4 Pillars Debt Solutions takes a holistic view of your debt.  We take in the whole picture. Then we go to work helping you deal with the past, clean up the present, and prepare you for your debt free future.

4 Pillars does not take a cookie cutter approach to your debt. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Every clients’ situation is unique to them so we customize a debt settlement strategy that will work best.  Over the years we’ve developed programs to help reduce, settle, and eliminate your debt.  In many cases we’re able to help cut your debt by up to 80% and you’re able to pay it off with in 5 years.  Looking out for your best interests we create a plan to deal with your creditors.  We put Credit Rebuilding programs in place that will best help you repair and rebuild your credit faster and more efficiently.  We educate you, supplying the tools necessary to avoid falling back into debt.  We give you the support and the confidence to see your future as you want it to be. And we do it all without judgement or blame.

During your first consultation with a 4 Pillars Debt Specialist, which is always free, we are listening, gathering information, and analyzing your situation to come up with the best strategy to deal with your debt. It may creating a realistic budget and learning how to manage your money.  Debt Consolidation may be your best solution; wherein we’d negotiate your debt into one lower payment lessening its control on your life.  If filing for Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal is your only option, we will be by your side, representing your best interests every step of the way.

Client Satisfaction equals a Job Well Done  

4 Pillars Halifax Debt Solutions has over 60 offices from Vancouver Island to St. John’s Newfoundland.  And there is not a 4 Pillars Debt Specialist out there who doesn’t feel a huge sense of pride when a client says THANK YOU!  We know the negative role your debt has played in your life and anytime we can bring peace of mind, hope, and promise of a brighter future, then we’ve done our job.

In our first installment I told you about the Debt Specialist in Barrie who helped a young family avoid bankruptcy while reducing their debt from $120,000 to $19,000.  A debt they will have paid off in less than five years. Every one of our offices can tell you a similar story about clients they’ve pulled from debt, clients who are now debt free and first time homeowners; clients who are going to retire with confidence; clients who have started a small business; and clients who have rediscovered the joy of living.

I’m very proud of my clients and the progress they’re making.  At 4 Pillars we must be doing something right because over 97 percent of our clients have successfully completed their debt restructuring plans; making 4 Pillars an industry leader in Canada.   To see what our clients have to say about us click the link below.

Read real stories and testimonials from thousands of 4 Pillars clients

David Moffatt from Halifax Nova Scotia

If one of your New Years’ resolutions is to conquer your debt and regain control of your life, we can help make that happen and show you the life you’d always wanted. If you’re in Halifax and you’d like to explore your debt settlement options or discuss your own situation, call me, David Moffatt at 4 Pillars Halifax. (902) 482-9748

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