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How to Budget at Christmas like a Scrooge

By Pauline Chiasson

Naughty or Nice?

No need to be Scrooge but have a Christmas Budget?

1. Determine how much money you can realistically spend (make a budget)

2. Make a Christmas present list and assign $ value…example: Children = $100,
Friends = $20,
Decorations = $100
Food  = $200


4. Avoid overspending – don’t fall prey to holiday guilt

5. Pay in hard, cold cash – simply withdraw the money you can afford to spend on holiday gifts

6. Shop alone – people who shop alone generally spend less

7. Don’t buy present for yourself (sorry it’s not about you)

8. Get creative – maybe shop on line, consider non-monetary gift like “certificate allows one house cleaning” or “certificate allows children to come for a weekend”

9. Bundle up cookies or baked goods for friends and neighbors

10. Goofy gift exchange

11. Make your own cards, decorations and shop for deals (watch out Black Friday)

Avoid bankruptcy in January by sticking to your budget…you will be so glad you did!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!

Pauline Chiasson Personal Story

I use to laugh at my sister because she use to balance her bank book to the penny…even if it took her 30 minutes more to get it done. Years later I see her owning her own home, having absolutely no debt and she is one of the most generous givers you can find. I look back and know she got it!!! Not only did she get it but it works!!!! You want to be a giver…get rid of your debts. Go girl go…so glad she is part of my life!

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