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How does 4 Pillars St. John’s Set Me Up for Life?

By Christine Wagner

How does 4 Pillars St. John’s Set Me Up for Life?

(An alternative approach to Trustees and Credit Counsellors.)

Accountability.  It’s the difference between having a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, or Bankruptcy Trustee, deal with your debt and hiring a 4 Pillars St. John’s Debt Specialist.  As we discussed in the last installment, the Trustee has a duty to your creditors but 4 Pillars works for YOU.  Unlike the Trustee, 4 Pillars doesn’t just deal with your debt, they teach you how to stay out of debt, rebuild your credit, and grow financially.  In other words, 4 Pillars make you their priority.

Educating Clients

As students you took classes in everything from mathematics to language arts to social studies.  But the one thing missing in your education, in most learning institutions a good lesson plan for credit; how to handle it responsibly and how to deal with it when it turns into debt.  That is where 4 Pillars St. John’s Debt Solutions make the difference.  4 Pillars takes the time educate their clients during every step of their debt settlement; showing how to best stay out of debt and grow financially.  This is why 4 Pillars takes the time to teach their clients how to budget for their current situation while planning for a better future.  As a result, over 97% of 4 Pillars clients have successfully completed their debt restructuring plans; making 4 Pillars an industry leader in Canada.

4 Pillars is so committed to this subject that they have become architects creating Financial Literacy in Canada.  It is 4 Pillars belief that the more confident you are about money the better the future you can build for your family.  As far as 4 Pillars is concerned ending the cycle of debt starts with education; so they are continuously working to create Financial Literacy programs in Canada.

The Clients for Life Philosophy  

When you’ve been diagnosed with a disease like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you’re not just given a pamphlet and sent on your way.  Your doctor orders tests to narrow down the diagnosis, there are follow up appointments, education, support groups, all designed to help you live a long healthy, comfortable life.  When it’s debt that plagues you, the answers won’t be found in a pamphlet.  Instead you need a team of financial professionals who will ensure you enjoy a healthy financial life.  4 Pillars is by your side throughout the whole process. Whether your debt settlement strategy is Consolidation or a Consumer Proposal, 4 Pillars will represent you until the debt is paid.  But they don’t stop there, while you are paying off your debt, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist is helping you rebuild your credit and avoid the traps that could send you back into debt.

As a 4 Pillars’ CLIENT FOR LIFE your debt specialist is available to you whenever you need assistance.  Whether you’re applying for your first mortgage or saving to send the kids off to University, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist is just a phone call away.

Specialized Tools Exclusive to 4 Pillars

4 Pillars doesn’t just deal with your immediate debt needs, they explore options for your Life after Debt.  Over the past 15 years 4 Pillars has created Debt Restructuring Programs that take into account the many unique aspects of each clients’ overall financial situation.

BUDGETING: It sounds simple yet it’s surprising how many people don’t have a realistic budget.  4 Pillars teaches you how to live within your means and track spending.  In fact, something as simple as a budget is one of the most important tools for creating stability within the family.

PROPOSAL PROTECTION: This program is exclusive to 4 Pillars.  It is designed to protect the payments made on a Consumer Proposal; should the client pass away or become sick, or get hurt due to an accident, the payments are made on the Consumer Proposal, helping avoid bankruptcy or being put back in the same financial position they worked so hard to get out off.

PHOENIX LOAN:  When you are in a Consumer Proposal your payments do not work toward improving your credit score.   The Phoenix Loan is also exclusive to 4 Pillars. It allows clients to qualify for a loan to pay out their consumer proposal giving an immediate jump in the credit score of up to 70 points and removes the consumer proposal up to 5 years sooner than making regular payments.  The Phoenix Loan is an interest bearing loan that reports on your credit score to help speed up the credit rebuilding process.

CAR LOANS:  Exclusive to 4 Pillars this program allows each client to qualify for a car loan at a significantly lower rate than they would otherwise qualify for given their current financial situation.  This program ensures the client can get an updated vehicle in good condition with a solid maintenance record. This program also let clients avoid dealerships who would take advantage of their situation, huge payments, negative equity and high interest rates.  4 Pillars wants to get you in a safe new vehicle without being taken for a ride.

CREDIT CARDS: 4 Pillars has special relationships with credit card companies who are willing to approve an unsecured credit card based on how well the client is educated in financial literacy as well as 4 Pillars’ reputation for success.  Remember, 97% of 4 Pillars clients have successfully completed their debt restructuring plans.

4 Pillars is able to offer these and many other programs to their clients because of the strong relationships they’ve built with like-minded financial planning companies, one of whom has the motto No Family Left Behind… 4 Pillars agrees.

The Promise Land of Real Opportunity

Imagine, in five years or less getting good news from your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist; you’ve made your last payment!  You are now debt free.  Remember that dream of someday owning your own home?   It is closer than you think. Buying a new car, saving for retirement, these aren’t just dreams anymore.  Without debt holding you back, there is practically nothing you can’t accomplish.


Hi, We are  Christine Wagner and Paul Ryan, your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist in St.John’sThe thing we love most about being a 4 Pillars Debt Specialist is seeing the difference we’ve made in someone’s life.  If we can reduce the stress caused by debt and help a client rediscover the future they once dreamt of, then we know we’ve done our job.

I was afraid to ask for help but Paula and her team were really understanding. Paula got the collection calls to stop immediately and I was able to consolidate my debt into one low monthly payment.  Not only did they show me how to create a budget and stick to it, they never once made me feel bad about the situation I’d gotten into. I don’t know where I’d be without the Paula Ryan of 4 Pillars St. John’s.   – Kailee,  

Thank you Christine.  4 Pillars St. John’s got me through my debt and on my way to financial security.  They answered all of my questions, addressed all my concerns, and they were always very professional and understanding.  I can’t say enough about them.  If you’re struggling with your debt do yourself a favor and call 4 Pillars St. John’s.  – Vera

I walked out of my meeting with 4 Pillars feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  Paula and Christine and the team at 4 Pillars St. John’s were able to reduce my debt from $35,000 to $8000, which I will have paid off in a couple of years.  Now they’re helping me rebuild my credit and plan for the future.  Life is looking pretty sweet thanks to 4 Pillars St. John’s.  – Ryan

In the next installment we’ll take a more in depth look in to your debt free future.  In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about debt settlement or if you have any concerns about your own debt situation, call me today to set up your free initial consultation. Call 4 Pillars St. John’s at 709-700-5509 or toll free 1-888-229-3252

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