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Financial Fitness: Who says you need Pain for Gain?

By Geordie Montgomery

Financial Fitness: Who says you need Pain for Gain?


There’s never a bad time to get in shape. I’m not talking about joining a gym. I’m talking about getting your finances in order. If your savings have lost their muscle tone, if your middle of the month is light on cash, if your diet is full of excuses and regret it’s time to get serious.

Running in Place

Being in debt is a lot like taking a stroll on a treadmill. Your feet are moving but you’re not getting anywhere.   Before you know it some eager trainer is shouting motivational clichés at you without any knowledge or understanding of your situation. So you hit the showers, defeated, demoralized, and still broke. Dealing with a growing debt alone can be a daunting task. It adds stress to your relationships, your job, your physical and emotional health and well being.   And like an all ice cream and soda diet it ends badly.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

When your debt leaves you feeling worthless it’s time to lose it. But how? How do you get rid of your debt without feeling like the 98 pound weakling who gets sand kicked in his face? You take a deep breath and you stand up to your debt, once and for all. But first you call 4 Pillars Debt Solutions. They have your back.    4 Pillars was founded by three professionals who were tired of watching their friends lose their businesses to debt. They did their homework, combined their financial expertise and started a company that would ensure no one would be controlled by their debt again.

No Pain + Everything to Gain!

To warm up, Stretch. Then call Geordie Montgomery of 4 Pillars Belleville for your free consultation. Geordie will put together the best options for your situation. It may be debt consolidation, a consumer proposal, or some other form of debt restructuring. Now don’t forget to cool down, you’re almost there. Geordie and his team at 4 Pillars Belleville can help reduce your debt by up to 80% and not only will you be debt free within 5 years, they will work with you to rebuild your credit. Call Geordie Montgomery at 613-827-4041 and re-discover financial freedom you haven’t seen in years.   Feel the burn? Of course not. Just an incredible sense of relief and confidence.

4 Pillars Debt Solutions. Details at 4Pillars.ca


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