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Beating the Debt Game: Listen to the Podcast

By Paul Murphy

Join financial expert Paul Murphy for an insider’s tour of the belly of the debt machine in Canada. 

“Paul Murphy arms readers with his unique perspective of the consumer credit and debt industry.”

– Henrietta E. Ross, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Debtors Association

4 Pillars podcast

The stakes are high. The table is rigged. And without an expert guide, the average Canadian will fall into the debt traps designed to makes the banks rich and keep Canadians poor.

In this podcast, Paul Murphy reveals how the debt game works—and how the average Canadian can tip the scales back in their favour.

From building a rock-solid household budget to navigating consumer proposals to negotiating with credit card companies, you’ll learn the essential information you need to improve your financial well-being.


All episodes 

Episode #5: Should I deal with my debt or preserve my credit rating 

I speak to David Moffatt and Ryan Brown and discuss whether someone should care more about tackling their debt or their credit rating.

Episode #4: Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation 

Tune in with myself, David Moffatt, and Ryan Brown as we break down the pros and cons of debt consolidation and how it can impact your financial situation.

Episode 3: How to beat the credit card companies 

Beating the credit card companies takes a disciplined approach to your finances. We explain how credit card companies think and show how you can take charge of your finances.

Episode 2: Is Selling Assets A Good Idea To Pay Off Debt?

Selling an asset to pay off debt seems to make perfect sense. But it isn’t always a simple decision to make. We discuss the complex question of whether selling assets to pay off debt makes sense.

Episode 1: The Rule of 72 is Making the Banks Rich and Canadians Poor 

The Rule of 72 is a seemingly simple calculation that has made many Canadians rich but has also kept many Canadians struggling with their finances. In this episode, we talk about the darker side of the Rule of 72.

About Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is a managing partner at 4 Pillars, the largest independent full-service debt restructuring firm in Canada. 4 Pillars has helped over 50,000 Canadian families reduce their debt and rebuild their financial future by focusing on financial education and financial literacy.

Before joining 4 Pillars, Paul had a 20-year career in the investment
and banking industry, helping him offer a unique perspective to
Canadians navigating complex financial crises.

Paul is a member of the Canadian Debtors Association, an independent organization that advocates for financial literacy and increased options for Canadians facing financial trouble.

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