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Burnaby Testimonials

  • Gurinder Dhaliwal

  • 6060 Silver Drive, Suite 300
    Burnaby, BC
    V5H 0E5
  • 778 340 4002
  • burnaby@4pillars.ca

Burnaby Testimonials

I was such stressful times until I met Peter Temple. He has helped me by talking with me and discussing which way I should proceed with my life. I would recommend 4 Pillars to anyone and thankful that I found them. We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

Anonymous - Burnaby, BC

Before I met with 4 Pillars (Peter Temple), I am overwhelmed with call from creditor. As of today, I am having good life, sleep and no stress on thinking about my credits. Thank you to 4 Pillars for giving m this stress free life.

Elaine W. - Burnaby, BC

I've gotten to know Peter through the networking groups I attend; on top of being a very easy guy to communicate with, Peter is also very knowledgeable about his industry and I would highly recommend his services to everyone!

Hellen S, IT Consultant at Anderson Morgan - Burnaby, BC

Peter is enthusiastic in helping others get out of debt. He goes beyond just looking at their surface level issues, and genuinely cares about improving his clients' lives. I cannot say enough positive things about Peter and 4 Pillars and I would recommend his services to anyone that needs financial assistance.

Offir - Burnaby, BC

I have known Peter for over a year now. He is very compassionate and always goes an extra mile to help his clients. He is great listener and he genuinely care about people. Rare quality these days. He is very knowledgeable in his field and always helps his business partner. I have lot of respect for Peter and the work he does. I would recommend his services to all my contacts

PJ Sales Manager at Maple Leaf Property Management (Self Storage and Commercial Division) - Burnaby, BC

not only did 4 Pillars help me pay off my debts they also advised me how to rebuild my credit and budget. Really friendy service and caring people

Hellen M - Burnaby, BC

Just over a year and a half ago I came to Peter and his team needing help. He welcomed me with open arms and non-judgement. They rushed my consumer proposal because I had decided to move back to Alberta. Everything went off without a hitch. Even after moving back to Edmonton, Peter and his team was there if I had questions or concerns. Wonderful company.

Hannah M - Burnaby, BC

I was struggling to pay my debt because it kept on increasing even though I keep on paying it. 4 Pillars helped me decrease my debt and realistically pay for it in a few years.

Maria S. - Burnaby, BC

Very knowledgable and practical..works in the best interests of the client

Scott M Mortgage Broker at Coastal Pacific Mortgages - Burnaby, BC

I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars

I was such stressful times until I met Peter Temple. He has helped me by talking with me and discussing which way I should proceed with my life. I would recommend 4 Pillars to anyone and thankful that I found them. We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

Terry B., Security Officer - Burnaby, BC

Peter came to my office to introduce 4 Pillars last year. Since then, I have spoken to two people who have received help from Peter regarding their debt issues and both were very happy with their results. Based on that, I recommended a long time friend of mine who had serious debts to see Peter. My friend's evaluation was consistently stellar as he was thankful I connected the two of them. Peter has my trust.

Jim Dee Financial Professional at WealthWave - Burnaby, BC

I would highly recommend working with this company if you have debts to pay off. 4 Pillars delivers what it promises and I am so happy I found them

Scott R - Burnaby, BC

It's been over 2 years since a friend of mine introduced me to Peter Temple and 4 Pillars. It was at a time that I was newly married and swimming in personal debt. I had tried for years to undo the damage that my youthful ignorance cost me but could never really get my head above water. Peter sat down with me and went over every possibility to get me out of debt. I saw no other option but bankruptcy, but Peter showed me a better, less devastating way to get out of debt and still build a future with my husband. I am now able to pay off my debt and still work towards the things that I want to have in order to enjoy life. I highly recommend 4 Pillars...even if just to hear some other alternatives than making a drastic choice about your financial situation.

Candice M - Burnaby, BC

We are so happy that we got help with our debts, that before we are so stress on how to solve it. With the help of our friend and 4 Pillars was introduced to us for better solution to our debts. We are satisfied with the outcome of our proposal and hopefully in 5 years everything will be ok.

Jim S. - Burnaby, BC

I had the opportunity to work with Peter when he accepted me as a client and he as my financial advisor. Peter is very professional and is very good at providing clear options that resulted in positive results in my best interest. Peter demonstrated strong work ethics and I would recommend him many times over as a personable, customer oriented individual who is a very knowledgeable business professional. Thanks for everything Peter

Sue S TransLink Manager IT Compass Operations Readiness - Burnaby, BC

Peter has extentsive knowledge in the deb consolidation and debt management field. For anyone questioning their financial options, I would highly recommend sitting down with Peter to look at all the opportunities available.

Tim Lee Insurance Specialist - Burnaby, BC

I met Peter from 4 Pillars at a low time in my life. I had $15,000 student loan debt and $5,000 in credit cards. I was making the minimum payments each month but the balance would not go down due to the interest. Peter negotiated an interest free payment plan for me and the debt was paid off at $150/m for 60 months. So $9000 to pay off a debt of $20,000! So happy I contacted him

Anonymous - Burnaby, BC

I would recommend 4 Pillars to anyone who needs help getting their finances in order. Peter Temple at 4 Pillars has been so helpful. He took time to explain what they are all about. He was able to answer all my questions, and if I needed help with the paper work, he was only a phone call away. Anytime I need to speak with him, he promptly returns my call. Either that day or the next. I highly recommend them to anyone who is having financial difficulties.

Kathy B, Store Manager - Burnaby, BC

This service has helped me when I needed it most, highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Julie D. - Burnaby, BC

I will highly recommend Peter in any financial matter and debt resolution.

Aileen F - Daily Living Assitance at Hawthorn Care Centre - Burnaby, BC

I was referred to Peter Temple by my mortgage broker. I had $80,000 debt and had tried to release equity from my home through a mortgage to pay it off. I was only able to get $30,000 so I asked Peter to negotiate a deal with my creditors.
Peter was able to settle all the $80,000 with this $30,000 lump sum.

Anonymous - Burnaby, BC

Peter saved our lives as a debt consultant at 4 Pillars Consulting. Peter was knowledgeable, detailed, and gave us peace of mind during a very stressful time

Maram M administration at BCIT - Burnaby, BC

Peter is great guy! He's patient, understanding, thorough, and pleasant to work with!

Jason P,. Surveyor - Burnaby, BC

Peter at 4 Pillars helped me settle all my debts really quickly AND cheaply So happy I used this service! 4 Pillars really helped me to address my debts and turn my life around! So happy I met them and would urge you to do so as well if you are struggling with debt

July M - Burnaby, BC

I met with Peter 5 years ago for a simple coffee for him to explain to me how he helps. He was very thorough about what steps needed to be taken, what info i needed to submit etc. I have to admit it was a scary situation i was in. Plus doing it was really scary too. But it was Honestly THE BEST decision we made. It was alot easier then I thought but now 4 years later we are debit free, paid it off one year ahead of time with the money we saved from not paying all the different creditors.AMAZING

Denise J - Burnaby, BC

4 Pillars helped me when I had accumulated $25,000 in credit card debt due to being off work with stress. The harassing creditors made my condition worse and I was seriously considering bankruptcy. My friend at work suggested I contact Peter Temple at 4 Pillars. I met him and he arranged a consumer proposal for me. This immediately stopped the creditor calls and my debt was reduced from $25,000 to $9000. What`s more I was able to pay the $9000 over a period of 5 years at $150/month! Don't struggle in debt contact 4 Pillars for real help

Anonymous - Burnaby, BC

Peter and Margaret answered all my questions and concerns, they helped me with how to reduce my debt. I have better peace of mind.

Peter S. - Burnaby, BC

Peter is a excellent professional who is trustworthy, consistent and reliable. I am glad to have hired Peter, I'll recommend him.

Kevin S project manager at greater vancouver food bank society - Burnaby, BC

I am really happy with the way my debt was handled by filing a consumer proposal. It is much more manageable now. 4 Pillars really helped me out.

Margaret S. - Burnaby, BC

I let my finances escape me and found myself in a big financial hole. Not knowing what to do i researched debt reconciliation and found 4 Pillars. I was impressed with how much of my debt Peter was able to negotiate down to a manageable lump sum. Moving past my debt was one of the most draining events of my life. But now that i have moved past it things are better than ever. If you ever find yourself in my situation please contact Peter at 4 Pillars. It could be one of the smarter decisions you can make.

Christine G - Burnaby, BC

I referred a friend of mine to Peter and he was pleased with the assistance and advice he received. Given my friend's experience I would recommend Peter to others.

Jim S CPA, CGA - Burnaby, BC

I have referred Peter and 4 Pillars to several of my clients and they have nothing but great things to say about his services. Peter provides an invaluable, alternative solution for my clients. I fully endorse 4 Pillars and Peter Temple.

Scott L Mortgage Broker - Burnaby, BC

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