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Surrey Testimonials

  • Navaiz Chaudhry

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Surrey Testimonials

Reduced my debt from $20,000 down to $6,300

I was struggling to pay my bills every month and was very stressed out. I didn't know what to do or who to turn to for help. It seemed to be a vicious cycle; paying my credit card bills and then turning around and charging them again every month just to get by, but never getting ahead. I saw an advertisement for 4 Pillars Consulting Group and booked an appointment with Navaiz at his Surrey office. I'm so glad I did! Navaiz helped reduce my debt from $20,000 down to $6,300. Now, I only have one affordable monthly payment, my stress is gone and I finally feel like I have my life back. If you are facing financial problems, I would highly recommend you call 4 Pillars to see what they can do for your situation.

Stacey D. - Surrey, BC

Everything seemed too good to be true

After years of struggling with debt, I finally decided to contact Hardip Chaudhry of 4 Pillars to help me find a financial solution. I was so apprehensive because everything I read seemed too good to be true. I was so stressed out because of my financial situation and I felt ashamed, that I was unable to meet my obligations. I met Hardip in her office. She set my mind at ease and she made the process so easy explaining what it would take. There were no unexpected surprises and she handled my case in a professional manner. My only regret is that I did not seek help sooner. If anyone confided in me that they were struggling financially I would highly recommend Hardip Chaudhry.

Dana R. - Surrey, BC

Rescued me from a disastrous outcome

My experience with Navaiz Chaudhry at 4Pillars has been life altering. Essentially I was financially destitute due to a business failure. The consistent worry played havoc with my self-esteem. I was candid with 4 Pillars, who exercised empathy, professionalism and an unequivocal determination to resolve my financial issues. I would not hesitate to refer Navaiz at 4 Pillars to any of my friends, family or colleagues. He is directly responsible for rescuing me from a disastrous outcome.

Chris M. - Surrey, BC

My debt was reduced from $83,000 down to $25,000

Hardip Chaudhry has been very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I did not want to file bankruptcy. With Hardip's help, I was able to get into an affordable payment plan to clear my debt which was reduced from $83,000 down to $25,000. I am now able to get on with my life and start planning for a happier, more enjoyable future. And that future includes buying a home! Thanks so much Hardip for your help!! My only regret is not having reached out for help sooner.

Jason L. - White Rock, BC

Debt gave me a nervous breakdown

Before contacting 4 Pillars, we were in deep financial trouble, debts we couldn't get control of, collectors we couldn't stop from calling us at work and at home all day long. We were ready to lose whatever we had, including our minds. I had nervous breakdowns from a lack of sleep; even our marriage and work life was affected. Today we may not be completely debt free but we would like to THANK YOU in making our life easier, stress free and manageable. The opportunities we have now are incredible. Hardip Chaudhry, our consultant, is amazing; she explained everything in great detail and put our minds at ease about restructuring our debts & finances. She told us in three weeks all the collection calls would stop and everything would be fine. And it is TRUE! We highly recommend 4 Pillars to anyone and we wish we did it sooner because it really works.

Sandra J. - Surrey, BC

We will be debt free in 5 years

My husband and I recently suffered a large financial loss from our business due to cutbacks and the recession. In order to keep the business afloat we used personal credit cards and lines of credit which eventually put us heavily in debt. The more attempts we made the higher our debt climbed. Finally, when we could no longer sustain the business, we had no choice but to close our doors and walk away. Unfortunately, our personal debt followed us. Our situation was so bad that it had negatively impacted our marriage, work life and family. We were getting calls from creditors and collection agencies and thought there was no way to get out of the mess. A friend of ours recommended Hardip Chaudhry of 4 Pillars Consulting Group to us and we immediately seeked her out for advice. As soon as we walked through the doors, Hardip set our minds at ease by reviewing our options and letting us know that she could help us. After a considerable amount of work on our file, Hardip was able to successfully negotiate an affordable payment plan with no interest with our creditors. We were amazed at how much she had reduced our original debt amount. What we originally thought would take us a lifetime to clear will now only take 5 years. Thank you very much Hardip for the excellent service and the hard work you put into making it work for us! I only wished we knew about you earlier so that we wouldn't have injected all this money into the business in attempts to recover more funds. Now we have less stress and there are no more creditor phone calls! Yay!

Elaine & Dave S - Surrey, BC

Reduced my debt from $60,000 down to $31,500

Before I went to Hardip Chaudhry at 4 Pillars, I was lost and extremely stressed about the debt I was in. I was in debt for approx. $60,000 and was struggling to pay even the minimum payments on my credit cards. I thought my life would be a struggle as long as I was to live. Hardip provided me with a free consultation and explained that she could reduce my debt significantly. Not only that, but I would pay it back at 0 percent interest! I thought it was too good to be true and was hesitant at first. I was wise, however, and gave her a chance. Amazingly, she was able to reduce my debt to $31500 at $525 per month for 5 years! I am so grateful and my stress was gone. Not only that, but she is helping me rebuild my credit, get a credit card again, and buy a home in the future. The service I received at 4 Pillars was amazing and Hardip deserves so much credit for helping people like myself. It can work for you too and it is not too good to be true! My debt is now manageable and my biggest debt is to Hardip for all her help!

Mike S - Surrey, BC

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