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Surrey BC, Debt Consolidation Services

Navaiz and Hardip Chaudhry, Debt Relief Specialists in Surrey

We help families and businesses in Surrey BC find their way out of debt. Whether you are considering debt consolidation, wondering about bankruptcy, or thinking about a consumer proposal, we will show you the way.

If you are struggling with debt, it does get better. We've helped families like you in Surrey rebuild their finances and put this very difficult period behind them. We promise you - it will get easier, even though it seems hopeless and impossible right now.

4 Pillars Surrey, the right Debt Specialists for you.

Voted the Better Business Bureau's Peoples Pick, Navaiz and Hardip Chaudhry have helped thousands break free of their debt while gaining the confidence to become financially successful. Their personalized approach offers clients a full range of services including Debt Restructuring, Consolidation, Budgeting, and Credit Rebuilding.

As part of the 4 Pillars 'After Care' program you are a client for life; armed with the tools to stay out of debt and reach your financial goals. Together the 4 Pillars Surrey team will work to create the best debt relief options for you and they will do it without judgement or blame.

  • We've helped hundreds of families in Surrey, Cloverdale and White Rock eliminate millions of dollars in debt.
  • We specialize in personal and corporate from as low as $5,000 to well beyond $1,000,000 of debt.
  • You'll get help with debt settlement, credit improvement, budgeting, and financial literacy.

About 4 Pillars Surrey

Navaiz and Hardip Chaudhry are the busy parents of three beautiful children. They understand the importance of building a stable financial environment to ensure their children have everything they need to thrive. Hailing from the town of Clearwater in BC's interior, Navaiz and Hardip eventually made their way to Vancouver. Navaiz worked for an architectural design firm as well as managed his family's development company. Hardip, a teacher, has taught in Brazil as well as educated students on the Lower Mainland. When they were just 25, Navaiz and Hardip opened a successful education centre in Surrey. Together they've helped hundreds of youngsters improve their academic levels while providing individualized programs tailored to each student.

It is the same individualized approach they take when analyzing your financial situation and creating a strategy to best deal with your debt. As the owner/operators of five thriving 4 Pillars offices (Vancouver, Surrey, London, Toronto, Etobicoke) Hardip and Navaiz understand your need for expert guidance. They know your financial goals cannot be met while you are struggling with debt. So it is the goal of 4 Pillars Surrey to help you break free of your debt and get you on the road to financial success.

Kassidy Hluchnik is a Debt Specialist with 4 Pillars Vancouver and 4 Pillars Surrey. With her background in Customer Service, nothing makes Kassidy happier than seeing the look of joy and relief when she tells her clients how she will help them out of debt. Originally from Washington, Kassidy and her husband Justin recently expanded their family to include Archie, a rambunctious bull terrier. When Kassidy isn't navigating her clients through the wilds of debt settlement, she, Justin and Archie can be found exploring the wilds of White Rock.

With the support of 4 Pillars Debt Solutions, Navaiz, Hardip, and Kassidy bring their unique perspective to how they approach your Debt Settlement, Restructuring, Consolidation, Credit Rebuilding and Budgeting. They will also give you the tools you need to stay out of debt and reach your financial goals.

Our debt consolidation and settlement services for Surrey

We offer a wide range of services designed to help people get out of debt. We are not associated with one particular product or method - so every option is on the table.

  • Professional and confidential consultations
  • Debt settlement assessments
  • Evaluation of both individual and family finances
  • Creditor negotiations and settlements
  • Counselling on personal bankruptcy
  • Asset protection
  • Consolidation loans and refinancing recommendations
  • Budgeting, credit restoration and financial literacy

How debt consolidation and consumer proposals work

We will guide you through the process, explain the different options (like debt consolidation, settlement, consumer proposals, informal proposals, and so on) and then help you choose the debt reduction option best for you.

We specialize in assisting individuals and businesses that are experiencing financial crisis. We act as a mediator between you and your creditors, negotiating a new repayment schedule on your behalf and saving you thousands in the process.

  • We have debt reductions averaging 20% of original debts owed
  • We consolidate your debts in to an affordable payment plans that meets your budget
  • We have options with 0% interest and payment plans between 12 - 60 months
  • We can help you achieve a credit score of 650+ within 18 - 24 months
  • We assist with all types of unsecured debt including credit cards, lines of credit, personal loans, Canada Revenue,mortgage shortfalls, collection agencies, student loans, medical service plan and more
  • We have the ability to arrange for lump sum settlements with the use of the Phoenix Fund, exclusive to 4 Pillar clients

How the debt settlement and reduction process works

Our process begins by scheduling a confidential consultation in our Surrey office.

During your consultation we will gather information about you, your overall financial position, your short term and long term goals so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of your needs. It's also a time for you to learn about us, our products and services, and to ask us questions.

Once we have an in - depth understanding of your situation, we will discuss all of the different options available to you as a debtor so you can make an informed decision on which option suits your best interest. We will go over the options in great detail, explain the advantages, the disadvantages, your rights and responsibilities for each.

Once an option is selected, we will create a custom tailored financial restructuring plan to meet yours and your family's needs. This includes a budgeting plan, a debt settlement strategy, a credit rebuilding plan and a financial literacy program.

Start a budgeting program

Our Budgeting program is a customized approach that helps you gain control of how you spend. We give you the tools that help you analyze you're spending, and guidelines to help you stick to your budget while conducting quarterly reviews of your progress.

Settle your debts

Our debt settlement services are designed to significantly reduce your debt based on your situation and ability to pay according to your budget. We work hard to save you the most money possible and go the extra mile to ensure that the settlement meets your expectations.

Rebuild your credit

Our proprietary Credit Rebuilding plan follows a step - by - step process to raise your credit score to meet most banking requirements for loans at the lowest bank rates. Depending on your situation and goals, we will work with you to help you obtain the financing you need, whether it is an auto loan or a mortgage, we will help you every step of the way.

Improve your financial literacy

Our Financial Literacy program provides clients with the tools required to understand where they are at financially and the education on how to implement new skills to improve their finances. We help set goals and monitor the progress through quarterly follow - ups.

Build a stronger financial future

Our work is never done. Even after we have successfully settled your debt, helped you re - establish your credit and save for a better financial future we will continue to provide on - going support to you, your family or your business. We believe in ever lasting friendships and appreciate the opportunity our clients have given us by allowing us to help them.

About 4 Pillars

As one of Canada's largest debt restructuring, budgeting and credit rebuilding companies, 4 Pillars is committed to getting Canadians out of debt. We've seen every conceivable debt situation and have witnessed first - hand the impact debt has on people. We're here to help you do something about your debt. We are experienced debt relief specialists that will listen, ask the important questions and get busy building a plan that will help you put the enormous burden of debt behind you.

Since 1998, 4 Pillars has helped well over 11,000 Canadians become debt free with settlements averaging 20% of original debts owed. We negotiate the lowest possible settlements on your behalf and have one of the highest success rates in the industry. To date we have assisted our clients in settling nearly $1 Billion in consumer debt.

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Navaiz and Hardip Chaudhry
  • Navaiz and Hardip Chaudhry

  • Suite 203-14439 104th Ave
    Surrey, BC
    V3R 1M1
  • 604-587-5577

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