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Regina Testimonials

Regina Testimonials

Ashley is always friendly and very accommodating. She was always willing to understand situations and circumstances. It's sucks my credit is in the crap shoot but at least I'm on my way to recovery and Ashley is to thank for that!

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Hello Jennifer, I wanted to write you and let you know how very happy I am to have found your company. I want to personally thank John, for helping me with my debt. When I first contacted 4 Pillars I felt like I was drowning in debt. Now, I feel as if there is light, at the end of the tunnel, and my debt is being made more manageable, with easy monthly payments. Thank you for your support, and helping me to realize and understand, I’m not alone. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Jen E.

Jen R. - Regina, SK

Thank you for being very professional yet really down to earth and understanding

Anonymous - Regina, SK

I am so blessed to have advisor like Ashley, she has the heart and the willingness to help you through out the process.

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Thank you so much for helping us on our financial situation.really helpful you save our life from debt .

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Thank you for everything.. I highly recommend the 4 Pillars Regina especially Ashley to anyone of my friends and family..

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Dear Jennifer: I hope all is well with you and your family. Since I met you I think about you every single day! Honestly, I don't have words to express my gratitude to you and your team for what you are doing for me. I didn't have anybody to turn to regarding my financial situation before a friend told me about you. It was my very first time to get in this kind of situation and I was becoming desperate and depressed. By accepting to help me you have displayed your compassion. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you all. Beatrice M.

Beatrice M. - Regina, SK

Ashley was very patient. She explained to us very well and gave us tools on how to manage and budget our money. She was very accommodating and we were so comfortable with her. We are so grateful and thankful to your company for helping us during our financial difficulties. Thank you so much and God bless.

Jennifer - Regina, SK

We are happy and contented on how Robert explained and assisted every detail of our concern regarding our debts and his willingness to help us with our problems.

Anonymous - Regina, SK

I can't thank John and Jenn enough for their support during this very stressful time in my life. I had become a slave to my debt, and could see NO way out. I was sceptical before my initial meeting with John. He assured me, they could help turn my life around. And that they did ! I am now rebuilding my credit, and my HAPPY LIFE' is back.! -----Laurie

Laurie - Regina, SK

I contacted 4 Pillars with much trepidation after realizing that my wife and I were in dire need of help. One night we sat at home, looking over all of our bills and realized that we had piled up over $191,610 in consumer debt. We were in shock. We had no idea how this had happened. But, basically over about 15 years it had just crept up. We always felt we had a handle on it, but, after basically all of our money going to credit companies each month we realized we had a major problem. I had no idea what to do. I knew very little about this company, I had seen a few ads online, I was very skeptical (basically too good to be true) but after a little research and with no idea of how we were going to solve this problem, I booked a meeting. John and his team were simply amazing! Right from the first email and phone calls they were extremely kind, caring and helpful. I hated that I had put my family in this situation (over $191,610 in debt), the stress was unbearable, and I was angry at myself for having to book a meeting like this to see if we could get help. So even in the worse case possible, John was easy going, reassuring and confident that he could help us. He made us feel that we weren't alone and that he'd do his best to help ease this situation. Honestly, I had some doubt during the entire process, but with each meeting things just got brighter and brighter for us. In the end, John saved us and our family. Through his hard work we got our debt down to under $27,000 which the creditors accepted and we have been making very manageable payments ever since then. We learned a huge lesson, many lessons in fact, from going through this process. With John's help we are now in a very strong financial position again and will be rid of all our consumer debt through a very timely and manageable process.

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Your service/program a big help to us.. More power and God bless us all!

Anonymous - Regina, SK

I would highly recommend 4 Pillars for financial help! I found myself in huge debt and didn't know where to turn for help. I know that God led me to 4 Pillars. immediately upon coming in contact with Jennifer and John from 4 Pillars, I knew that God had answered my prayer. Jennifer was kind, non judgemental, very encouraging, informative, and so helpful. She helped me to get a consumer proposal set up that was so amazing of which I am so thankful. The stress and worry diminished and the peace of God came through the help I received at 4 Pillars. I'm now on my way up and life is changing! Thank you to Jennifer and John!! You make 4 Pillars to be the best financial help anyone could ever receive. You are awesome!

Anonymous - Regina, SK

Im very thankful to the 4pillars team in Regina who help me to solve my problem. Now I can start a new life!

Anonymous - Regina, SK

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