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Zach Brull

Scarborough Debt Relief Specialists

    Why Use the Debt Consulting Services of 4 Pillars Scarborough?

    Very few people spend their days thinking about debt restructuring, debt services, and debt in general. There are far more pleasant matters to ponder and most of the time we're too busy to consider subjects that go beyond our daily concerns. It's no surprise then that most people aren't familiar with Debt Consultation, the advantages it provides, and the reasons it works.

      On Your Side

    A Debt Consultant, or as we like to refer to ourselves, Debt Specialist, is someone who is well versed with all debt relief options available to consumers and businesses. Unlike other positions that exist in the debt industry though, a consultant works for the person or entity in debt - the Debtor. This may sound trite, at least until you do a little research and discover that everyone else in the industry is effectively working for, or on behalf of, the creditors - the people the debtor owes.

    Banks work for themselves and look out for their own interests, naturally.

    Credit Counsellors and Debt Poolers structure deals that allow creditors to get all or nearly all their money back. This results in payment plans that are usually unmanageable and the result is a 65% failure rate.

    Trustees in bankruptcy, while attempting to play the role of referee between the debtor and the creditor, are ultimately unable to advise, advocate, or act on a debtor's behalf. Granted, a trustee can provide debtors with information related to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, but a trustee cannot coach debtors on how to best arrange their affairs so they have a high likelihood of succeeding with their debt relief program. Moreover, the trustee is compensated by the creditors as the trustee receives a 'piece of the action' by placing a tariff upon all money collected from the debtor, on the creditor's behalf.

    A Debt Specialist works for YOU and has only your best interests in mind when putting together a plan and dispensing advice. Working for you involves three major steps…

    1. Reviewing and Explaining all applicable options
    2. Proper preparation and execution of the preferred option
    3. After care to ensure ongoing success and prevent future debt challenges

    4. A Consumer Proposal Can Prevent You From Having to Wait a Century to Pay off Your Debt

      If you are worried you need to read this first.

      Now, every statement is a little bit different, but you want to find the spot that explains to you how long it'll take you to pay off your credit card if you make only minimum payments and never use the card again.

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        Explaining Options

      A Debt Specialist has maximum freedom. As we are aware of all options available to people/businesses struggling with debt, and we are not beholden to any single option, we can provide debtors with the optimal solution for their situation. When it comes to debt, one size does not fit all. While many situations can be addressed by a single solution, there are several instances where someone's situation requires multiple steps and solutions in order to effectively ensure the debtor is able to eliminate debt, save money, preserve various assets, and avoid interrupting working/family life. A good consultant will consider all variables and utilize different resources in order to put together the best plan for their client.

      As a debt consultant is not stuck with only one or two options to help debtors, there is no need to force an option on someone. A consultant never has to shoehorn someone into a solution that barely fits. If one option doesn't work we can simply use another.

      Will My Consumer Proposal Prevent My Loved Ones From Coming to Canada?

      If you are worried you need to read this first.

      Anyone who is familiar with North York, Scarborough, and Markham won't be surprised to learn that about 90% of my clients are not Canadian born, and English is not their first language.

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      What Do You Mean By Debt Consolidation?

      Learn the difference between consolidation loans and Consumer Proposals

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      If Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offered to do your taxes for free, would you take them up on their offer? Most people would say "no".


      There are several possible answers, but almost all of them boil down to the fact that CRA does not represent your interests and has no vested interest in preparing your taxes so you receive what you consider a desirable result.

      CRA won't dig to find tax savings for you. They won't provide you with options to defer taxes, and they won't look for applicable write offs, credits, reimbursements, etc. that may help your situation. The same can be said with other debt relief options.

      A Debt Specialist will look for advantages. Through proper preparation, a Debt Specialist will advise you on how to arrange your affairs properly and legally, so you have the best chance of saving as much money as possible and succeeding with your restructuring program.

      Debt specialists also take the time to work on budgets and help clients better understand their financial situations. This may not sound like a significant step, but considering most Canadians fail their debt programs (35% – 65%, depending on the solution), a good budget and solid understanding of one’s situation moving forward is critical to improving the odds of success. 4 Pillars Consulting prides itself that its default rate is LESS THAN 3%, meaning 97% of our clients have successful debt restructuring outcomes.

        After Care

      Perhaps the greatest shortcoming of other solution providers is the lack of attention - almost non-existent attention - paid to aftercare. What is a debtor to do once they've gone bankrupt, filed a consumer proposal through a licensed Trustee in bankruptcy, enrolled in a credit counselling program, obtained a 2nd mortgage, etc.? Far too often, debtors find themselves without credit, without options, and without any guidance on how to rebuild.

      After care is all about rebuilding the client's financial life. We take the time to show our clients how to gradually and piece by piece rebuild their credit. We offer advice, guidance, and also have proprietary products and services that assist with the credit rebuilding process. Rebuilding credit is a lot like physiotherapy. If you do nothing, you'll never get your strength back. However, if you try to do too much too quickly, you'll just hurt yourself again. A good coach (i.e. Consultant) can help you regain your credit strength.

      Ongoing support and budgeting is also provided to ensure clients understand where and how their money is spent. This helps clients successfully complete their debt relief program and save money in the long run. A good Debt Specialist will also draw on a network of professionals who may help with future considerations. This could include a financial advisor to help the now debt free client build back or improve upon a portfolio of assets. It could also include a mortgage broker and/or realtor to help with the purchase of a home. Connections with car dealers, lawyers, and other service/product providers who are sympathetic to the client's situation and needs are also available.

      A Debt Specialist is truly a unique addition to the Debt Industry. Just as any professional (accountant, lawyer, realtor, mortgage broker) can help you get optimal results in their field of expertise, a Debt Specialist can help you achieve optimal results when it comes to helping you get out of debt - and get back your life!

      How to stop collection agency calls in Canada

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      We are located at 77 Finch Avenue West, Suite 102, North York, ON M2N 2H5. Phone: (416) 222-6772.

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      Scarborough Debt Restructuring Information

      The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada. Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life™ program, allow us to assist our clients remove the financial barriers they face, and move forward with their financial goals, be that saving for retirement, buying a house or putting their kids through school. No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability.

      Scarborough Testimonials

      We were shocked how simple it was to dramatically reduce our debt. I don't know where we would be without 4 Pillars.

      Chris B., Police Officer

      4 Pillars explained all our options in an easy to understand way. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, restructuring our debt was easy.

      Cathy & Jim T., Mill Worker

      We would like to extend our appreciation for your unwavering ability and professionalism at this trying time for us. I would highly recommend 4 Pillars to anyone.

      Ken T., Telecommunications Specialist

    Zach Brull
    • Zach Brull

    • 77 Finch Avenue West, Suite 102
      North York, ON
      M2N 2H5
    • (416) 222-6772

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