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4 Pillars Ottawa

  • Sonia Oliveira

  • 251 Laurier Avenue W Suite 900
    Ottawa, ON
    K1P 5J6
  • 613-691-9442
  • soniao@4pillars.ca

4 Pillars Ottawa

Helping Ottawa Families Get Out of Debt

Debt Relief Specialist

I'm Sonia Oliveira, your 4 Pillars Debt Relief Specialist Serving Ottawa, Kingston, Cornwall, Belleville Ontario and surrounding area.

I help families and individuals in Ottawa with debt advice, restructuring, credit rebuilding and, if needed, representation through bankruptcy. This page shows you how I can help as well as shares case studies from recent Ottawa families I've helped.

4 Pillars allows me to assist families in their debt restructuring by evaluating their current circumstance, explaining their options then implementing a plan that is designed specifically for their needs.

When you work with 4 Pillars, we help you:

  • Review your debt relief options (consumer proposals, debt consolidation, and other alternatives to bankruptcy).
  • Rebuild your credit so that you are in a position to obtain credit at the lowest possible rate.
  • On average our clients have been able to eliminate 80 per cent of their debt
  • Learn your options, get educated, become debt free.

Bankruptcy is not your only option

Many Canadians do not realize that as a debtor you have many options. It's my job to help you navigate debt restructure and repayment options.

We examine all of your debts both secured and unsecured along with all of your assets. Your income is closely reviewed with regards to both present and future income and available cash flow.

After gathering the information I explore all options for my client.

A careful review of possible options is presented and the advantages and disadvantages of each is discussed in detail.

Options may vary from a Debt Consolidation Loan, Consumer Proposal or as a last resort Bankruptcy. Once a decision is made the plan is implemented.

The debt relief and elimination process

A brief confidential telephone conversation occurs in order to gather some general information so that our free consultation can be tailored to your specific needs. A meeting is scheduled to discuss your specific situation and possible options available to you.

Once the option of Consolidation Loan, Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy has been determined to be your best option, an agreement is signed and the appropriate documents are gathered.

We then begin the budgeting process in a manner that it is implemented in such a way as to not significantly impact your lifestyle yet achieve the desired results so that you are set-up for long term financial success.

After the budgeting process we then implement the debt restructuring plan, with a clear understanding what you can easily afford to pay each month you know your debt restructuring plan has the best opportunity for success.

The final stage is to work with you on rebuilding your credit so that you are in a position to obtain credit at the lowest possible rate. On average our clients have been able to eliminate 80 per cent of their debt.

About 4 Pillars, a Canadian Debt Relief Specialist

We are a network of Owners located across Canada and I am located in Ottawa. The Company is 100% Canadian and is one of the largest Debt Relief Companies in Canada. With the many Federal Government lay-offs and cutbacks in the Ottawa area my services are needed more than ever to help those families recover from the financial setback due to loss of income. The high cost of housing in the Ottawa market continues to outpace incomes and erode household disposable income.

Recent Ottawa Families We've Helped Get Out of Debt


Home Owners in Ottawa had unfortunately accumulated over $34,000 of consumer debt due to health issues. They were unable to save enough money from their monthly income to maintain a comfortable lifestyle not to mention successfully pay down their debt. They were considering using their retirement funds but with the current tax implications and the long term impact on their future income & savings made it a very unattractive approach.

They filed a Consumer Proposal through a LIT to administer the proposal and the clients did not have to use their retirement funds, which preserved their capital, maintained their current and future income and avoided any tax implications. This approach saved them $800 per month on interest payments to unsecured creditors and their current income wasn't impacted and they will be debt free in less than 5 years paying the reduced principle of on an interest free payment arrangement. This got the clients out of paying only the interest on their debt and avoiding decades of payments to credit card companies and the increased cash flow actually allowed them to increase retirement savings not decrease them.


A family of four had fallen into the pay day loan trap. Working with the clients by tracking spending habits then implementing a budget, we were able to free $700 per month cash flow.

This only took two months to achieve this result. They are now able to take an annual family trip and still save money for their future.

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