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Markham Testimonials

  • Zach Brull

  • 77 Finch Avenue West, Suite 102
    North York, ON
    M2N 2H5
  • (416) 222-6772
  • zachb@4pillars.ca
This office has '.200.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

Markham Testimonials

We are extremely happy that we were referred our clients to you. Here is an excerpt from their recent email: “Zach was great! He’s smart and knows what he’s talking about. He was EXTREMELY thorough in explaining everything to us. Thank you for putting us in touch with Zach.” Thank you Zach for taking such good care of my clients. I know with you looking after them, they will be ready to purchase much sooner! Yours Truly, Heather Keeling

Heather Keeling - Markham, ON

I would like to say thank you so much Zach. I was disappointed with my financial problem before meeting you. You helped me to solve my debt problem and start a new life.

Nesta B. - Markham, ON

I am happy that I found 4 Pillars Consulting Group. I was sinking in debt and with the help of 4 Pillars my debts are being paid off.

W. Baboolall, North York - Markham, ON

Speechless – Excellent Job

A. Patel - Scarborough, ON

With the help from Zach my stress levels of being in debt and money problems have been lifted and I am able to start planning my future instead of worrying about it. Thanks!

Chris Graham - North York, ON

Get more consultants like Zach. I was shown the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!

Pino R. - North York, ON

Zach and 4 Pillars helped me put closure on a difficult chapter of my life. Thankfully, I’m now in greater control of my financial situation and have regained confidence in myself and feel more optimistic about my future. I highly recommend working with Zach – he is a professional, enthusiastic and answered all my many questions!

Jen M. - Scarborough, ON

Thank you for all your help! Now I can go to sleep!

R. Liao - Scarborough, ON

I have known Zach Brull for the last 9 months. From the very first meeting to now (second credit counselling). Zach has been very professional and yet very kind. Super knowledgeable but non-judgmental and sympathetic. Zach is an amazing person, and took time and energy to make this stressful time into very high end ~something time. Thank you so much, Zach!

S. Kim, North York - Markham, ON

Service was prompt and curtious. Learned about saving money and how to rebuild credit. Trustworthy agent!!

I. Castillo - North York, ON

I was very hesitant towards the process of filing a consumer proposal, but once I was explained in full, Zach made sure I was completely comfortable. I felt like I was leaving my financial future in his hands, and had no problem trusting the process with him around.

April M., Markham - Markham, ON

Excellent service. Professional, trustworthy, always there to answer any questions. All matters are kept in confidence, explanations are down to earth, and Zach is there for your protection and need.

Amin Z, Scarborough - Markham, ON

Very, very professional.

csnake - Markham, ON

My financial situation was in crisis. Zach provide me with realistic options and peace of mind. My future is a lot more promising now that the proposal is in place.

Lou G. - Markham, ON

Light at the end of a long dark tunnel

4 Pillars was the light at the end of a long dark tunnel - Zach provided the match! My concerns were dealt with speedily with no fuss. I highly recommend Zach & 4 Pillars. Thank you so much!

Bette, Retired - Markham, ON

From the moment I met with Zach, I immediately began to feel relief. Whenever I had questions, Zach was there to answer them and he always responded promptly.

Kim D., Markham - Markham, ON

You cannot improve on perfection. We got our life back on track.

S. Smith, Scarborough - Markham, ON

I was desperate, living in my car ad unable to make payments when I called Zach. His plan allowed me to pay my creditors and live free from debt. I have my life back.

J. Miller, Markham - Markham, ON

Keep doing what you are doing. Your services are excellent.

Lul Ali - Markham, ON

Zach saved my financial life due to his out of the box thinking. I wish I had met Zach years earlier to avoid being chased by the collection sharks and tax collectors at CRA. I now live with a clear mind and worry about things that count: family, friends and clear state of mind and sleeping well. Thanks Zach.

Curt B., Markham - Markham, ON

Speechless! Excellent Job!

Anish, Store Manager - Markham, ON

Zach knows his stuff and the fact that he has a great personality is a bonus. A difficult time made easier, we can live again. Thanks Zach!...

Stephen M., Scarborough - Markham, ON

My financial situation was in crises. Zach provided me with realistic options and peace of mind. My future is a lot more promising now that the proposal is in place.

Lou, Senior Manager - Markham, ON

Zach made us comfortable and gave us confidence to get through this. We really appreciate his help.

R. Montoya - North York, ON

It has been a heavy weight lifted off my chest since I met with Zach Brull and I feel like now moving forward everything is going to be fine

N. Miller, Scarborough - Markham, ON

I am satisfied with the services provided and strategies in place to get me out of debt very quickly. I cannot imagine reducing my debt to such a ridiculous amount without 4 Pillars. This company is God sent and I am happy to come across it. Thank you, 4 Pillars.

L. Abdul Rahman - Markham, ON

Before we met with Zach, we were very stressed about our debt and didn’t know where to turn. He met with us and explained our options CLEARLY. He stayed in touch with us throughout the process and saved us so much money! Thank you, Zach!

O. Compani - Scarborough, ON

I was very nervous at the beginning but Zach helped me through the experience. I am very grateful.

A. Rajkumar - North York, ON

4 Pillars was knowledgeable, compassionate and gave wise counsel. Helpful in every way.

William Steele - North York, ON

Dear Zach, I’ve wanted to send this letter of appreciation for sometime now. Day to day living always seemed to get in the way and I lost sight of what was one of the really important things I should have done. Hence, this letter. The day I knew I needed help from a professional and found myself contacting you was a very difficult one for me. I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t even really believe there was any hope that anyone could assist me with the financial problems I was struggling to control. That day turned into a blessing in disguise. If you can remember that first conversation, you provided good advice in a very timely manner. Your advice covered not only debt but other matters as well. I promptly acted on your advice, which in turn, saved me a lot of grief at the time. You showed a genuine interest in my situation and kept every promise you made to me. A rare and refreshing trait these days! When I became ill, you not only displayed concern but when out of your way for me. I know you’re a busy person, yet you didn’t hesitate to stop by, picking me up for appointments, dropping off documents, spending time explaining to me, etc. I always found you to be friendly and pleasant to work with. That quirky sense of humour and quick smile always eased any stress I was undergoing, another blessing! I felt I could trust you to do the right thing, and you did. In short, I’m very happy to have done business with you and am looking forward to that next meeting. I have no doubt I’ll be steered in the right direction again! Sincerely Susan M. Lescombe

Susan M. Lescombe - Markham, ON

Zach was very understanding, non judgmental and helpful through the whole process, which was foreign and very intimidating to me at first. With Zach’s experience, empathy and good humour made the whole process enjoyable. I looked forward to our meetings. I would recommend Zach for anyone in Toronto area who needs help with insolvency.

C. Jensen, North York - Markham, ON

I never knew that this kind of help was really there. People of 4 Pillars make us feel comfortable, at ease and know a lot of valuable info. We no longer worry every day and don’t feel ashamed.

S. Miles, North York - Markham, ON

Zach and his associates were there every step of the way and actioned any and all questions I had promptly, even in the last hours of the night. I highly recommend letting Zach help my friends and family that need debt consolidations.

Devin D. - Scarborough, ON

Service was great. It was very well arranged and accommodating to individual needs. What initially was a scary decision to make very quickly became a comfortable and well explained. I had a safe and responsible feeling from the meetings and information shared. This helped put my mind at ease and trust 4 Pillars to guide me through the process.

K. Morgan, North York - Markham, ON

4 Pillars Group handled my debt problems efficiently and was extremely understanding and empathetic in all dealings with me. I thought of Zach as a friend that was there to help me through this situation.

Pat T., Scarborough - Markham, ON

Very happy. Zach is the best.

Mary J. - Markham, ON

4 Pillars was the light at the end of the long dark tunnel – Zach provided the match! My concerns were dealt with speedily with no fuss. Highly recommend Zach and 4 Pillars. Thank you so much!

Bette Banks - Markham, ON

Zach was very prompt in email responses and when he answered all my questions. His service has helped me go through a very difficult time and now I can see the opportunity of a new start in life when I finish my payments. Thanks Zach. If you are in financial distress don’t prolong the suffering, call Zach. There is always a solution.

Henry H., Scarborough - Markham, ON

We are very happy that we contacted 4 Pillars. We would not have been able to live in our seniors apartment if we were still carrying the debts we had. It is such a load off our shoulders and our mind. Thanks to 4 Pillars.

Jean L.T. - Markham, ON

This office has '.200.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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