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Jane Williams, Debt Consolidation Specialist

As a debt consultant Jane Williams assists clients in London Ontario, St Thomas and the surrounding counties reduce their debt and their monthly debt payments by putting together an individual debt restructuring plan that meets their unique needs.

Jane Williams has been the owner of 4Pillars London Ontario and surrounding areas since 2008. I am a certified Insolvency Counselor by the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP).

Jane has helped hundreds of families put together a financial plan which involves a debt restructuring, budgeting advice and a full credit rebuilding program.

Jane's passion is helping families receive the tools and advice to help them make informed decisions on financial issues that impact their life and family.

Her first career was as a cancer radiation therapist assisting cancer patients through their treatments. In her 20 years of experience Jane saw firsthand how an unexpected event such as illness can impact the entire financial health of a family.

This led her to seek out a career change and become a debt consultant through 4Pillars Consulting, a Canadian personal debt restructuring company that has been helping Canadians since 1998.

Jane has continued to expand her level of expertise by obtaining her insolvency counsellor designation in 2012 and attending conferences and seminars on financial literacy and credit rebuilding.


The benefit of using a 4Pillars debt consultant is that you will receive advice from an expert who is working for you not the credit card companies, banks or government.

This is a very important difference from other firms that do debt restructuring such as credit counsellors who are often funded by credit card companies, and Trustees in bankruptcy. The trustee is an officer of the court who acts on behalf of the creditors.

Another benefit of using a 4Pillars debt consultant is that we can offer a unique set of services tailored to your needs that are not available anywhere else in Canada. We specialise in helping clients get out of debt as fast as possible and then help you to rebuild your credit.

What is debt consolidation?

As defined by Wikipedia ,personal debt restructuring or debt relief, Wikipedia Debt Relief

Is the reduction or forgiveness of personal debt through different options.

Debt consolidation (also called debt restructuring) can include the following:

  1. through the formal process in Canada of a consumer proposal or as a last resort, bankruptcy.

Another option that is often referred to in debt restructuring is credit counselling but it actually does not fit the true definition of debt restructuring because in a credit counselling program you usually pay back 100% of your debt.

How does 4Pillars actually get me out of debt?

The process usually starts with a phone call to do an initial assessment of your situation. The first questions I will ask are 'who do you owe money to', 'how much do you owe and what is your income'. I will then book a meeting with you at my office in London and will go over your options to deal with your debt. This is a critical part of the process because you need to know ALL the options available to you not just the ones offered by specific companies who only have THEIR best interests in mind. The face to face consultation is free.

Once you know what options are available then we get to work putting together an action plan to reduce your debt ,rebuild your credit and assist you with your money management skills through the budgeting process.

My debt consolidation & restructuring services for London Ontario

Every person has a unique financial situation. I will assess your debt situation and your financial goals for the future. I work exclusively for YOU to find the least expensive solution to your debt situation.

With my extensive experience assisting clients in the London area I will represent you, not the creditors, in structuring and preparing a consumer proposal to your creditors or a bankruptcy. This will ensure that you pay the minimum amount possible to resolve your debt. I then select the trustee who I will approach to administer the proposal or bankruptcy. The trustee works on behalf of the creditors and I work on behalf of you. The 4Pillars process ensures that this part runs smoothly with the least amount of stress to our clients.

Once the consumer proposal or bankruptcy is filed then I will move on to the budgeting process and credit rebuilding to give you the tools to improve your monthly cash flow and rebuild your credit. 4Pillars has products only available to 4pillars clients to speed up this process.

My London Ontario Office

My office is located at 5 - 2018 Mallard Rd in North West London. I also meet clients at my home office in Forest and at her satellite office in Sarnia Ontario.

Free consultations are by appointment only. Call 519-907-0201

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4Pillar Reviews from London clients

It has been a pleasure working with Jane at 4Pillars. As professionals in the financial services field ourselves, we understand how important it is to find the right solutions for our clients. Jane has been an excellent resource and has worked with us to help a number of our clients improve their financial well-being. Our aim is to help clients through all stages in life by looking at their full financial picture. Jane shares this vision and puts client needs first. We have been happy with the way Jane has serviced our clients and we have no reservations in recommending her.

The Team at Better Financial, London , Ontario

4 Pillars cut my debt by 74%. They have me back on track, and I'm ready to be debt free again. Thank you 4 Pillars!!

William P., London .Ontario

Jane Williams
  • Jane Williams

  • Unit 5, 2018 Mallard Road
    London, ON N6H 5L8
  • 519-907-0201

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