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4 Pillars London

  • Steven DuBarry

  • 920 Commissioners Road East, Unit 203
    London, ON
    N5Z 3J1
  • 226-777-5526
  • london@4pillars.ca
This office has '.150.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

4 Pillars London

Steven DuBarry

Steve DuBarry, London Debt Settlement and Debt Restructuring Specialist

If you are struggling with debt and are researching your options for debt help, you will want to speak with Steve before you make any decisions. Many people do not understand what the terms bankruptcy, consumer proposal, debt consolidation or debt settlement really mean and it becomes very confusing for them. They also do not know who they can trust at a time when they are most vulnerable, often suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression.

Steve has gained the trust of many people in need of debt help by explaining all of their options in a clear, non-judgmental way, that is also pressure free. Bankruptcy is a last resort and in Steve's experience if 200 people come to him for advice - only 1 may choose to go bankrupt. The others all choose options that allow them to restructure their debt, make monthly payments that are affordable and enable them to be debt free in 1-5 years.

Steve is a member of the Canadian Debtors Association, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has won the 4 Pillars Customer Experience Award in 2019 and 2020 for receiving the most 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot Customer Service Award 2020 for Steve DuBarry Trustpilot Customer Service Award 2019 for Steve DuBarry

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This office has '.150.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.
Here's how Debt Settlement and Debt Restructuring Works

A simple phone call or completing the form on this page will begin the process of getting the debt help you need. Whether you have payday loans, credit card debt, line of credits, consolidation loans or even student debt, if you are struggling to repay it we can help. Our debt relief specialist will reach out to you to gather relevant information on our initial call which is completely confidential. Once we have a clear picture of your situation, we will schedule a free consultation where we can sit down and discuss your goals, as well as all your options to becoming debt free. Unlike other companies, we do not work for the creditors, we are 100% behind our client, meaning you get the advice for debt help that is best for you. Possible solutions could include debt consolidation, debt restructuring, consumer proposal or bankruptcy however when we educate you on these you see that we will want to choose a debt relief option that is best for your situation.

Our clients have a 97% success rate completing the debt relief plan we recommend. Our consultations usually last an hour and during this time past clients have advised it was the best thing they ever did and how it relieved the stress right away. Many people are afraid to reach out for debt help and shy away from getting debt relief because they are afraid how it will affect their credit score. In our consultation we educate you on how your credit score works, and how our plan includes rebuilding your credit. Getting debt free is the #1 goal, however we have a very comprehensive plan to rebuild your credit so you can move on with your life and obtain your goals and dreams. Once you are a 4 Pillars Client you are a Client for Life meaning you will have access to our aftercare program and we will continue to help you for as long as you need it whether it is for budgeting, credit rebuilding or saving to buy your first home we will be there to guide you along the way. We make the process of getting debt help very smooth, and do everything we can to ensure our client is treated with the utmost respect. We advise you to research debt consolidation but before you enter into any agreements come and see Steve for advice that is 100% in your best interests - Not Your Creditors.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Help With Your Debt?

DEBT is the number one reason marriages fail, businesses go bankrupt and Canadians live with an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. 4 Pillars was created over 18 years ago with one goal in mind, to represent their clients with compassion, understanding, and respect, while helping to reduce, even eliminate their debt. Using their expertise in the industry and educating their clients throughout the whole process, the 4 Pillars Model is one to be envied. With a 97% success rate, 4 Pillars clients look forward to a debt-free future and all of the peace of mind that entails.

Learn the Financial Literacy Skills Nobody Taught You

We have found that one of the main reasons people do not seek debt help and shy away from debt restructuring or consumer proposals is because the fear they have on how it will affect their credit rating. Most of our clients avoid bankruptcy and opt for a consumer proposal, which allows them to rebuild their credit while they are paying down their debt. Our 4 Pillars Aftercare Program is the leader in the debt relief industry and has become a game changer for our clients. Rather than try to offer our debt relief clients a little better service than our competitors, through our Aftercare Program we have given clients who need debt help an entirely new experience that allows them to obtain the debt relief they need while educating them so they can move on with their life living debt free.

Don't Take Our Word For It – See What Steve's Clients Are Saying - as seen on Trust Pilot

I was very skeptical at first and put off calling for many months. When I did call and made an appointment, Steve Dubarry from the start made us very comfortable and explained the whole process in layman's terms so even my husband, who has Parkinsons understood. Even then I felt that the ball was about to fall at any time and we would not be approved. But, I was proven wrong and the process is almost complete. Stress is a bad factor for people with parkinsons and this has helped eliminate the stress and for that I thank Steve and everyone else that made this a reality.

- Ann Barnes

Steve DuBarry changed my life. I have been in debt for longer than I can remember, recently divorced with a young child. I had met with a trustee before meeting with Steve, and wow I am glad I did not sign that day. The trustee suggested a consumer proposal for my huge debt and recommended offering $550/month for 60 months, but told me that I should expect to pay $750/month. I actually thought this was a great option considering how much I owed. Before I went to sign, a family member suggested I meet with Steve first. He saved me thousands! Steve was able to get my proposal approved at $200/month and was fantastic to work with. If I had not taken the advice to call Steve, I would have paid between $33,000 - $45,000 through a consumer proposal. Through Steve, I was approved at $12,000! I was floored and will be forever thankful. If you read this, you need to call Steve DuBarry!

- DF

I would 100% recommend seeing Steve at 4 Pillars. He is very professional and treated me with respect. I never once felt ashamed or embarrassed talking to him about my financial problems. He is extremely understanding and genuinely wants to help. Everything was dealt with very quickly and I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience ! I’m looking forward to the continued support of 4 Pillars to start rebuilding my life!

- JW

Thanks to Steven DuBarry. I can now be stress free and focus on my future a lot more without feeling stuck. He helped me understand what I was doing and made sure that this was the best choice for me before letting me sign any papers. I recommend if you have any financial issues to go see Steven or anyone who works with him at 4 Pillars. They work towards helping anyone find the best solution for their financial situation. Thanks again!

- MG

Steve's compassion and understanding made a very difficult experience one less burden to bear. He went above and beyond to help me, and has absolute integrity. I highly recommend him.

- Aibreán OFearraigh

Steve was the best you could ever ask for he does everything in his power to help you and your financial situation. He never once made me feel uncomfortable about the situation I was in and not one once of doubt that I would pass. I highly recommend Steve if you need any help with your financial situation

- Michael Gaudio

Steve was absolutely amazing to work with, he made sure that I understood all of my options available to me and helped me choose the best one in my situation. I definitely wouldn’t have been helped if it weren’t for Steve! Thank you!

- Dylan

Steve DuBarry from the London office was very thorough in explaining my options. Helped me in choosing the best solution for my circumstances. The results were very satisfactory. I would recommend anyone requiring financial advice to see Steve.

- Emily M Cosby

Working with 4 pillars has been an eye opening experience for me.
I had very little faith that I would ever be able to successfully manage my debt. Now that I’ve worked with Steven DuBarry I feel like I can start fresh and begin a life where I can relate to the financial world in a responsible way. Previously I lived life only half here partially because the weight of the debt I had accumulated made me feel like I couldn’t really invest in my life or that I was cheating at being here and now I feel like I can look at my finances without feeling swallowed up.
The future looks much brighter!

- Nathalie Moynaugh

Just when I thought that it is impossible to resolve my financial problems and I'll never be able to stand on my feet again.. I contacted Steve from 4pillars.. He reviewed my case gave me all possible options.. Guided me.. And 4 months later here I am debt free and able to move on with my life... Thank you for all help and support on behalf of me and my family.. I highly recommend 4 pillars services specially Steven DuBarry.

- Sam Mghari


London Office

Our office is located at 920 Commissioners Road East, Unit 203, London, ON N5Z 3J1 and our phone number is 226-777-8770

London Region Debt Restructuring Information

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt restructuring companies in Canada. Our debt restructuring, credit rebuilding and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life™ program, allow us to assist our clients remove the financial barriers they face, and move forward with their financial goals, be that saving for retirement, buying a house or putting their kids through school. No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability.

4 Pillars Consulting Group is a BBB Accredited Debt Relief Service in London, ON

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