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4 Pillars Kingston

4 Pillars Kingston

Sonia Oliveira

Debt Relief Specialist

Sonia Oliveira are your 4 Pillars Debt Solution and Restructuring Consultants in Kingston.

How can the 4 Pillars Kingston team help you?

Your credit card debt is overwhelming. Your business is struggling. Your job is hanging by a thread, and collection companies are looming. You are unsure of what your financial future holds. You are not alone. Sonia Oliveira, of 4 Pillars Kingston, are here to help.

For years Sonia has been helping clients in Ontario and Quebec eliminate their debt, rebuild their credit, and lay the foundation for a debt-free and healthy financial future. Regardless of your situation, Sonia and her team have the experience, skills, and tools to help you reduce and pay off your debt within five years.

Sonia is no stranger to the world of finance. He's seen it all as the owner of several successful businesses ranging from real estate to financial investing.

The 4 Pillars Kingston team specializes in assisting individuals and families experiencing a financial crisis. Services, include:

  • Professional consulting regarding the client's financial situation
  • Debt Restructuring Assessment
  • Evaluation of both individual and family budgets
  • Credit education and rebuilding
How 4 Pillars Kingston can help reduce YOUR debt.

As 4 Pillars Debt Consultants, the Kingston team can help you reduce your debt by up to 80%, often eliminating that debt within five years.

Using their expertise in the financial industry and the community, 4 Pillars will work with you to assess your particular situation, then create a plan that will help you eliminate your debt. They then continue working with you to help you understand credit so that you can start rebuilding.

Every debt situation is different, but rest assured bankruptcy is not necessarily your only recourse. With debt restructuring programs, consolidation, and credit rebuilding programs available, 4 Pillars Kingston will work tirelessly to find the solution that is going to work best for YOU.

4 Pillars consultants work for you. 4 Pillars clients can look forward to a debt-free future and financial peace of mind.

Debt Restructuring Information

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients peace of mind that comes from choosing one of the oldest and largest debt consulting companies in Canada. 4 Pillars Kingston features advice on debt restructuring, credit rebuilding, and budgeting services, offered through our Clients For Life™ program. 4 Pillars has several programs that allow clients to remove the financial barriers they face and move forward with their goals, be it homeownership, retirement, or putting the kids through school. No other Canadian company offers such an integrated system for creating financial stability

Our Kingston Office

The 4 Pillars office in Kingston is located at:
1-623 Fortune Crescent
Phone: 613-902-4988
Email: kingston@4pillars.ca,

With offices in Kingston, Ottawa, and Cornwall, as well as offices throughout Quebec, Sonia and her team are bringing debt relief to Canadians. To set up your free initial consultation, call 613-902-4988 or email kingston@4pillars.ca.

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