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We help to reduce your debt by up to 80% and get you back on track. Up to 97% of families successfully complete the plans we create and become debt free.

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4 Pillars Brantford

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4 Pillars Brantford

4 Pillars Client Care Team

Brantford Financial Wellness Specialists

Why consider using 4 Pillars?

4 Pillars started in 2002 to help educate Canadians to deal with overwhelming debt. There have been lots of changes over the years but one thing that has never changed is our unwavering commitment to helping others, making a difference, and never having repeat clients.

Not many can make that claim.

We work for you, not your creditors (the people you owe money to).

If you are considering another professional for help here is what you need to know:

  1. Not all debt professionals work for you
  2. Not all professionals actually help you save money
  3. Debt is messy, don’t assume there is only 1 solution, in fact how you deal with your financial crisis can affect you for up to 10 years after the debt crisis is fixed
  4. Don’t assume everyone you speak to is there to actually help you (ask who they work for and how they get paid)
  5. Once the debt crisis is resolved you will need to rebuild your credit…do they offer these services? How comprehensive is their financial rehabilitation plan?
  6. Are they good at what they do? Check them out online, what reviews do they have to back up their claims

If you still want to learn more let’s go through why 4 Pillars is the #1 independent financial wellness and debt solutions service in Canada.

Ready to Move Forward — give us more information, get debt help faster!

How 4 Pillars Works

4 Pillars consultants offer a variety of services specific to people in debt. We outline the options available to you and walk you through the process so you fund the best solution available.

How to get started
  1. Fill out the form on this page - this will give us your basic contact information
  2. Next, we will reach out to you. On our confidential call our job is to understand your situation, offer suggestions, and see if you can benefit for the service. This will be unlike any other call you might have… no pressure, no gimmicks, just honest advice from someone who is there to help you.
  3. If you qualify and you like what you hear, then 4 Pillars is here to help you.

Let us share with you over 20 years of experience helping others with debt;

  • The pain of debt is temporary, no matter how bad it feels you will get through this
  • What you do after you have dealt with your debt affects you for the next 10 to 20 years
  • You will need help, we all do, and when that time comes – 4 Pillars will be here to help you
Final Thoughts

If you knew you had a health issue, wouldn't you want to pick the very best professional you could find, one that would help resolve the immediate problem, and then working with you through your rehabilitation and ensure it never happened again. I know I would. The top team for providing financial wellness in Canada is and has always been 4 Pillars.

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