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4 Pillars North and South Okanagan

  • Charlie Peet

  • 1873 Spall Road
    Kelowna, BC
    V1Y 4R2
  • (250) 860-1653
  • charliep@4pillars.ca

4 Pillars North and South Okanagan

Charlie Peet

Senior Debt Consultant

Areas of Specialization

For over ten years Charlie has been assisting individuals and families that are experiencing a financial crisis. Charlie provides a number of services to his clients, which include:

  • Professional consulting regarding client's personal financial situation
  • Debt Assessment
  • Evaluation of both individual and family budgets
  • Asset protection
  • Refinancing recommendations

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Charlie Peet

Charlie has been working in the financial planning industry specializing in personal advising and consulting. He has been committed to professional development throughout each of his careers. While in the hospitality industry, Charlie continued to enhance his skills, through both professional development opportunities and formal training in business planning. Charlie also developed the curriculum for the Hospitality Administration Course that is offered through the College of New Caledonia, in Prince George, BC

Charlie has long recognized the need to provide counseling and assistance to individuals suffering from excessive debt. While in the financial planning industry, he realized that the financial challenges that his clients and staff were experiencing had a direct impact on their family and career successes, as well as on their business ventures. Charlie found that 4 Pillars Consulting Group was an ideal vehicle by which he could finally provide professional and qualified debt consulting assistance. Charlie joined the team in October of 2002 and is currently servicing BC’s Thompson – Okanagan region, which first opened their branch office in 1998.

Selected Assignments

  • Debt Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Systems and Controls Implementation
  • Human Resource Training and Development

Range of Experience

After studying Business Administration at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Charlie moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Charlie then embarked upon a 20-year stint in the hospitality industry, which led to co-ownership of the White Spot franchise in Prince George (1994).

Since 1999, Charlie has been involved in retail & business-to-business sales. Charlie has also provided consulting services to the hospitality industry, in the areas of business planning, marketing, budgeting, human resource training, and debt management.

In addition, Charlie has lectured at Prince George’s College of New Caladonia, developing and teaching the Hospitality Administration course. Charlie’s boundless energy and passion help his clients to realize their financial goals and dreams. These attributes make Charlie a very valuable asset to the team of professionals at 4 Pillars Consulting Group.


  • BIA Insolvency Counsellors's Qualification Course CAIRP
  • Life Insurance & Financial Planning
  • Business Administration Course
  • Human Resource Management Program
  • Food & Beverage Management Program
  • Recognized Industry Leader in Hospitality & Retail
Vernon Credit and Debt Information

The 4 Pillars advantage gives our clients the peace of mind that they have chosen the oldest and largest Debt Consulting Company in Canada. Our debt consulting, credit rebuilding and budgeting services means our Clients for Life™ system assists our clients remove the financial barriers they face from overwhelming debt to saving for a down payment to buy a house. No other Canadian company offers an integrated financial system for creating financial stability for Canadians.

Vernon Testimonials

I have felt very comfortable and treated with great respect throughout my experiences. The value and benefits of this service have exceeded my expectations. The service is very structured and Charlie is really great at explaining everything to me in simple terms.

Stephen S.

Charlie is very helpful, positive and encouraging! I felt that I was looked after and directed towards handling issues with creditors in a positive way. I will definitely give him a '2 thumbs up' for his knowledge and expertise, and will let others know about 4 Pillars.

Kathleen L.

The process was well laid out - so that brought me to meeting with Charlie for the first time. It was a comfortable environment, with compassion and understanding of the journey. The anxiety was kept to a minimum.


Amazing service! After my first visit I felt like a huge weight was lifted. Charlie made every step easy.


It is very easy to work with Charlie. He has kept me informed as to what stage I am at and where I am going. His sense of humor is a bonus!


Excellent service! All my questions were answered which made me confident when it came to making my decision on what to do with my debt. Charlie is very friendly and knowledgeable.


Charlie and Monique helped me to understand my situation clearly and were fundamental in my confidence in the process. They helped put my fears to rest, and walked me through every step. They were quite helpful in my handling of my debt situation.

James M.

Mr. Peet has been very helpful throughout my bankruptcy problems. It has been very comforting to know we could count on him throughout to come to our aid. I highly recommend his services.


I found Charlie very straight forward and easy to talk to. All-in-all, a lot of help.


Working with Charlie, Monique & the 4 Pillars system was very informative in guiding me through the whole process - not only reducing my debt, but also reducing the stress; and now we are working together to re-establish my credit

Bonnie I.

Charlie helped me to understand how to save my money better, and not to touch it. Charlie explained how to reach a goal of my choice within a year. He is great to talk to. Thank you.

Sharon H.

Charlie is so professional and so personable at the same time. I value his advice and will continue to follow his instructions. I am highly recommending Charlie to my clients and friends who are finding themselves in need of his services. Thanks Charlie!

Margaret G.

Over the past years through situations I incurred a lot of debt. I went to a debt settlement company and they ended up making it 100 times worse, as my creditors were going to take me to court. That is when I met Charlie and 4 Pillars Consulting. Charlie changed the whole ordeal around. He got the courts to stop and he got a deal made with my creditors where I will be able to pay my debt back. Just go with him. I wish I did from the very beginning.

Cliff O.

The service has been great. Ask questions and take advantage of the resources available through 4 Pillars.

Chris T.

I had a great experience with Charlie. He was very upfront and honest about my situation. He explained to me what options I had, allowing me to pick one that was best suited for me. Everything worked out great.


Charlie and Monique did an excellent job. I would recommend them to anyone that was dealing with debt like me. They achieved all the goals we were hoping for and explained my options throughout.

Wayne K.

Charlie made dealing with stressful financial situations as comfortable as possible. He made sure to make all my options clear, and provided an atmosphere that allowed for a positive outcome and a bright financial future

James R.

4 Pillars helped me to recover financially after a serious accident. I would be in much worse condition if I had not received this assistance.

Rob V.

I feel very comfortable discussing my situation with Charlie. He is easy to talk to and very supportive and non-judgmental.

Janice P.

Everything was explained in easy to understand terms. Meetings with Charlie were always informative and left me feeling at ease with my financial situation.

Alen M.

Everything was explained to me in full. I felt very comfortable proceeding with a proposal to my creditors. All around great service!

Glen B.

The process was very clear and we understood everything that 4 Pillars was telling us. I was very impressed with the service, and would recommend them to other people.

Lori I.

Charlie was awesome through all of this. He explained what all of my options were. I felt more than comfortable with any question asked to him; and more important was the answer to the question. I am very pleased with how everything went and will recommend his services to anyone in the same situation.

Allan H.

Your guidance and expertise has been invaluable in helping me through this very stressful process.


I was initially skeptical about what I was told, but Charlie made me feel comfortable and not judged. I was able to make the right decision to deal with my finances. Thank you very much, now I am cured.

Alice F.

I have enjoyed working with you despite the circumstances. You are empathetic and easy to talk to. Most importantly, you didn't seem judgmental at all. You are also very patient.


I received clear explanations from Charlie.


Everything was clearly explained. Thank you for all your help! We are now looking forward to working with you, rebuilding our credit and our life.

Trevor D.

I was very impressed with Charlie Peet and his ability to help me with my debt problems. After discussing my situation with Charlie he explained my options, and answered all of my questions so I could choose the best solution for my situation. I felt very confident navigating through the bankruptcy process with Charlie's help.

Harvey S.

Charlie was so helpful and informative, making us feel very comfortable with such a difficult topic. He gave us the information and skills to move forward to start getting out of debt; as well as the skills to budget and stay out of debt.

Amy E.

From our very first contact we were made to feel very comfortable, and we always felt our best interests were being met. We were especially pleased that Charlie is always available to answer questions, and has been more than helpful in helping us rebuild our credit. This was the best move we have made and we are so grateful to Charlie.

Frank M.

My credit cards were the source of my financial problems. I could not seem to decrease balances because of interest being added. Coming to 4 Pillars freed me, and gave me an entirely new lease on life. The service was excellent. I am extremely grateful, especially to Charlie.

William C.

The information given in the credit counselling sessions was very helpful and informative. The handouts helped me recall what had been explained. When I got my credit reports I found them difficult to understand, but Charlie was able to interpret them for me. Charlie is very personable and down to earth. He was very helpful and gave me useful information to move forward.

Tracey G.

I have never been so thankful to have picked up the telephone and called Charlie of 4 Pillars. I am thankful not only for guidance, but the level of care & compassion for the individual.

Christine R.

The service I received from Charlie and Monique was exceptional. Everything was explained thoroughly and precisely. It's been a pleasure to be a client. Having the added pressure ceased has been a great relief.

Larry B.

Charlie and his team have made dealing with a difficult situation simple. They took the fear of the entire process and turned it into understanding and confidence in our choices and options. We are on a new road to financial stability and success thanks to 4 Pillars!

Daniel & Erin

I have a slower understanding of English and Charlie spoke slowly for me. He made me feel comfortable to talk about my private financial issues. He is making my life easier. Even though I began this process in 2009, he is still there for me just as much in 2013. I know I chose the best advisor and I would recommend his name to my friends.


Everything was comfortable and explained well. I was always able to talk to someone on the telephone. I am happy that my phone is no longer ringing with creditor calls. I am learning to spend within my budget.


Charlie is full of great information. He saved me from bankruptcy when I assumed it was my only option. Great service and personal attention!


My experience with Charlie and Monique has been extremely helpful to my stressful situation. They have provided excellent guidance to seeing my way to a much better financial situation. I was and am very happy I made the call for their help. Thank you 4 Pillars!

Penny B.

We are so pleased with our decision to contact Charlie and proceed with our consumer proposal. We are now in a position to make our monthly payments and our stress has decreased immensely. Thank you so much Charlie!


The reason I decided to do the proposal with 4 Pillars is not so much about getting information, but to take advantage of your negotiating skills. Thank you.

Sarah V.

We are so happy having met Charlie at 4 Pillars! He has helped us with our situation and we have no more stress and no more debt.


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