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North Vancouver Testimonials

  • Jennifer Virani

  • Suite 218, 901 West 3rd Street
    North Vancouver, BC
    V7P 3P9
  • 604-612-9211
  • jenniferv@4pillars.ca
This office has '.25.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

North Vancouver Testimonials

With 4 Pillars help with my debt I can sleep properly now, less stress and I can spend more time with my kids. As a couple we don't fight about money anymore and we learned to spend the money wisely.

Jennifer - North Vancouver, BC

As someone who spent most of their adult life in credit card debt I can tell you wishing the problem away doesn’t help. As long as I was able to make my minimum payments I didn’t think there was a problem. As my debt grew my sense of personal freedom declined and the enormity of the situation began to weigh down on me. When I lost my job I knew I wouldn’t be able to make my payments but the thought of going bankrupt scared me. That’s when I called Jennifer Virani of 4 Pillars. She immediately put me at ease and showed me other options that would work for me. By the end of our first meeting I knew I’d made the right call. The blame and shame I carried with my debt load was lifted and for the first time in a long time I felt positive about my future. Jennifer has been incredibly supportive and she has worked tirelessly to help lessen my debt. She helped lift the weight of the world off my shoulders and she is now helping me rebuild my credit. I cannot recommend Jennifer and the team at 4 Pillars Debt Solutions strongly enough. If your debt is ruling your life you owe it to yourself to call Jennifer. I’m glad I did.

Angela - North Vancouver, BC

Best decision I ever made. I don't worry about not having enough money to pay my bills. Jennifer was very helpful and professional through the whole process I have learned alot about saving and spending.

Lindsay - North Vancouver, BC

I am very happy because my big debt is now manageable. I just wanted to get rid of the interest on my credit cards. And Boom! 4 Pillars solved my problem. Before it was painful to check my accounts and now I am doing better things with our money.

Harlyn - North Vancouver, BC

I was starting to flounder in debt and didn't know where to go when I found you online. Despite certain obstacles I was able to get the ball rolling. Now I can spend time with the kids without worry that something is gonna cause a problem. Makes it so I can focus on the family not the money situation.

S.K. - North Vancouver, BC

I was in an overwhelming financial situation and needed help so badly. I turned to 4 Pillars when one of my friends recommeded it. It has been life changing after that thanks to Jennifer and Martin.

Lorraine - North Vancouver, BC

I am very much happy that it came up to less than 60% now of my debt. Now it is much easier for me to pay less than the minimum payment

Joanna - North Vancouver, BC

I'm really thankful for coming across Jennifer because even from our first conversation, it seemed my case didn't qualify but she kept working on it to find a debt restructuring solution. She found a way to help me out.

Feline - North Vancouver, BC

4 Pillars helped with my debt I can sleep properly now, less stress and I can spend more time with my kids. As a couple we don't fight about money anymore and we have learned to spend it more wisely.

Jennifer - North Vancouver, BC

I'm really happy with the service they provided (4 Pillars) especially North Vancouver. My debt really get off my back fast. They really support me until the last of it. I'm really satisfify.

Ana Marie - North Vancouver, BC

This office has '.25.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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