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Red Deer Testimonials

  • Eric Everitt

  • 4779 - 49 Street
    Red Deer, AB
    T4N 1T6
  • 403-755-1757
  • reddeer@4pillars.ca
This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

Red Deer Testimonials

My Son's debt spiralled out of control

I want to express my appreciation for helping my son achieve financial stability once again. Over a period of time, my sons' debt spiralled out of control to the tune of some $90,000, due to the impact of a slowed economy on his business. It's fortunate that we found your office. You gave us excellent counsel on what steps could be taken to remedy the debt. Your professionalism stood out by treating us respectfully; with complete confidentiality. Today, as a result of successfully resolving his debt load, my son no longer feels the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's back to his old self again, living life to the fullest and enjoying family and friends once again.

HC - Red Deer, AB

I was very stress and worry about my situation but I get big relieve in 4 Pillars now my life get better. Patricia C.

Patricia C. - Red Deer, AB

We came in with no expectations and not sure what a credit proposal was. The 4 Pillars team were very professional and treated us exceptionally. We did not feel like we had royally messed up. They clearly assisted us in seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. We are on the road to financial responsibility.

Jeannette S. - Red Deer, AB

They did what they said they would do with no extra fees. Ryan S.

Ryan S. - Red Deer, AB

Hi Darrell, so if it wasn't for that one particular night back in December of 2013 around 2:00AM I wouldn't be writing you this today! I was sitting at work in our lunch room half asleep, with burning eyes, bored looking at what randomness was on facebook! This Ad from 4pillars Consulting Red Deer came up with your name and picture on there, and so I read it with total disbelief and curiosity! Long story short, here I am today writing you this testimony and basically saying how truly amazing you, your wife, and 4pillars Consulting are and have been! Darrell, you're a true Miracle. What you have done for my wife and I, and family, words can't explain how I feel inside! It literally brings a tear to my eye to actually see where we were, buried in massive amounts of debt. You and your amazing team have given us a second chance in our lives to start over financially! It's more than just financially that this has affected us, it's everything! You're a very important part of our lives now "Darrell and crew" and I just want to tell you how much respect and appreciation I have for you and all that you've done for us! For anyone else who reads this testimony please, please stop where you're at and call Darrell Pauls@ 4pillars Red Deer Consulting IMMEDIATELY! There is hope and this really is a legitimate company that truly works for YOU and not the creditors. Darrell and Carolyn Pauls and the entire 4pillars Red Deer Consulting staff. You All Are Amazing!!! Thank You All So Very Much!!

HP - Red Deer, AB

There are no words to describe what Darrell Pauls did for me and my husband. We were so far in debt that we just kept paying all the minimum payments but not getting anywhere. The first phone call to Darrell was a big relief just to tell someone what was happening and then to hear that he could help us. Darrell was always so professional and non-judgemental. He was always just a phone call or email away and he walked me through every step. He represented our interests and negotiated a Consumer Proposal we never thought was possible. I would highly recommend Darrell to anyone. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner and save so much more money in interest payments. Thank you Darrell for giving us back our lives!

Sandra - Red Deer, AB

I am very happy with the whole process. All staff is very helpful and friendly. Lori P.

Lori P. - Red Deer, AB

Before we met Darrell at 4 pillars we were drowning in debt and literally not sleeping from financial worry and stress. We had gone to several different debt consolidation companies asking for help but the "solutions" that they were offering would have made us worse off than we already were. My husband found Darrell through an add on Facebook and told me what he could do for us. I honestly thought it sounded too good to be true, but after the first time we met with Darrell I felt there was hope again, light at the end of the tunnel. Darrell and his wife Carolyn helped us do a consumer proposal which significantly reduced our debt load. They gave us the tools we needed to manage our finances and had us rebuilding our credit right away. They were there for us every step of the way through the whole process. I have recommended Darrell and 4pillars consulting to everyone I know. They are wonderful people who literally gave my family and I a fresh start in life!

P.G. - Red Deer, AB

We are so satisfied and happy with the services the office of 4 Pillars provides. Jennifer E.

Jennifer E. - Red Deer, AB

With 4 Pillars consumer proposal program we are able to pay off our debts, rebuild our credit and start saving money.

Jee Ann M. - Red Deer, AB

4 Pillars help us go back on track. We had creditors calling us before our proposal and scared of answering the phone. Now with the help of 4 Pillars we can sleep throughout the night and not be worrying about the creditors. Thank you.

Mailea R. - Red Deer, AB

Working with 4 Pillars has been a pleasant experience. Everything that was said did get done. Would recommend them to everyone. Rick

Rick - Red Deer, AB

I’m very happy you guys reduced my debt up to 80%. Thank you guys for all the lessons about rebuilding my credit score. Nino E.

Nino E. - Red Deer, AB

We appreciate everything 4 Pillars did for us. It changed our lives. Garrett K.

Garrett K. - Red Deer, AB

This office has '.50.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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