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If you use a Trustee, why can't I go directly to a Trustee and file the Consumer Proposal?

You can always go directly to the License Insolvency Trustee (LIT). However, using a LIT may not always serve your best interests. The dual role of the LIT is to investigate the debtor’s financial situation and to ensure that the debtors rights are not abused while also protecting and representing the interests of your creditors.

Your 4 Pillars consultant works directly for you and only you.

When a client works with 4 Pillars all available options will be reviewed, and if a consumer proposal is the most effective option, prior to filing the proposal we will work on developing a comprehensive budget. This ensures the proposal is being structured on your terms and affordable to you. In many cases, the budgeting can create the opportunity to pay it off early.

This approach means 4 Pillars’ clients have one of the lowest default rates on Consumer Proposals in the industry. 4 Pillars also provides a comprehensive financial education program and a personalized credit rebuilding plan to ensure the impact on your credit rating is minimal.

If you have a strong understanding of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act you have the option to go directly to a LIT. We only recommend this if you have the knowledge and confidence to interview a number of LITs to ensure the best outcome for yourself. LIT’s provide limited client education and credit rebuilding services. 4 Pillars services include comprehensive financial rehabilitation programs to reduce the impact on their credit rating. 4 Pillars provides the additional consumer debt restructuring services:

  • Independent advocacy
  • Extended financial education
  • Additional support and compassion
  • Working with great people who care about your financial future

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