How much will it cost to work with 4 Pillars?

All 4 Pillars offices provide a free 1-hour information session, educating you about all the options available; Learn more about how to deal with overwhelming debt and bankruptcy alternatives.

You can read reviews and hear about families and businesses we've helped.

These sessions can happen in your local 4 Pillars office (we have offices across Canada) or via skype or telephone.

  • Get detailed information about consumer proposals, debt consolidation, and how these debt relief options affect your credit rating and mortgage.
  • Get expert answers about your current debt situation and offer an unbiased review of your options.
  • Information about spousal responsibility and debt, the long-term effect of different options on your ability to get another mortgage, and what you can do to best deal with your creditors.

The fees will be determined by the option you choose and the services you require from 4 Pillars to implement the plan. 

These services include:

  • Debt Restructuring
  • Credit Rebuilding
  • Budgeting

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