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4 Pillars

How much will it cost to work with 4 Pillars?

To help serve Canadians facing financial challenges, 4 Pillars does not charge a debt advisory fee.

Money should never be a barrier for people to get the help they need. When upfront fees are charged people often accepted inferior solutions that are more costly and detrimental to their financial recovery.

Our role is an advocate for the debtor, placing their needs first and foremost, focused above all else on finding the most effective solutions to deal with their debt.

You will be offered the opportunity to receive extended support and financial rehabilitation services to rebuild your credit and financial future to help ensure you do not face future financial challenges. The Financial Advocacy and Wellness services provide comprehensive credit rebuilding and financial education and is a fee based service that will be explained during your consultation.

All 4 Pillars offices provide an information session, educating you on all available options to deal with overwhelming debt.

You can read reviews and learn about the families and businesses we've helped.

These sessions can happen at your local 4 Pillars office (we have offices across Canada) or virtually. You will receive information and the ability to ask questions on any credit and debt topic, including:

  • Detailed information about consumer proposals, debt consolidation, refinancing and even bankruptcy.
  • We will explain how these debt relief options affect your credit rating and ability to obtain a mortgage or other credit in the future.
  • Get information about spousal responsibility and debt, how to deal with co-signed loans or student loans and how to best deal with your creditors.
  • How are credit history yields enormous power over our lives with significant influence on our livelihood and well-being and what can be done to preserve or improve your credit rating.

Your credit history yields enormous power over your life that significantly impacts your livelihood and well-being. Our services can help to restore your credit and improve your credit rating.

Contact us today and find out why thousands of Canadians choose to work with 4 Pillars every year

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