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4 Pillars Richmond Hill

  • Laurence Herzenberg

  • 17075 Leslie St. Unit 7
    Newmarket, ON
    L3Y 8E1
  • 289-803-6314
  • laurenceh@4pillars.ca

4 Pillars Richmond Hill

Laurence Herzenberg, Debt Consolidation Specialist for Richmond Hill

Debt is one of the biggest threats to your financial future. I am based in Newmarket serving Richmond Hill and will help you better understand options like restructuring, debt settlement, consumer proposals, and personally work with you to rebuild your finances.

How debt consolidation works

Our ‘debt relief and elimination’ process is about gathering the right information, creating a plan customized based on your needs and then working together to accomplish it. This is not an overnight process and it takes some patience, financial literacy coaching, and patience but the outcomes are amazing!

The actual debt help we provide ranges from 2 weeks to 4 or 5 months but the relationship we create lasts for years as we continue to work with you to build a better future for you and your family. Our commitment to our clients is that we are always there to help you build a better financial future.

My debt consolidation services for Richmond Hill

I am Laurence Herzenberg, serving the Richmond Hill community. For three years now I have been assisting individuals and families to get out of the burden of dealing with unsecured debt. Struggling with excessive credit card debt, Payday loans, lines of credit and Canadian Revenue Agency debt robs people of critical cash flow. It is essential that the earlier one gets out from under this burden the sooner you can end the stress and begin using your hard-earned income to begin saving again.

I have worked now in the financial service area for 20 years with a background in accounting. I have gained the skills necessary to effectively get people out of debt, rebuild their credit and set up a budgeting program to establish a fresh start.

I will take the time to fully understand your situation, develop a comprehensive plan to get out of debt and truly get a fresh start. I pride myself on taking a fully transparent approach to all aspects of the process and will answer all questions and concerns in a timely manner.

It is essential when talking about relief from excessive debt that we look at all options available.

There are many reasons why individuals and families fall into debt. Sometimes personal circumstances lead to it and often it results from errors made in life surrounding the use of debt. The problem is that small debt issues can quickly snowball into uncontrollable problems. These problems often reach a point where it seems there is nowhere else to turn.

Fortunately, there is a solution. We believe that a comprehensive approach is needed to deal with debt. It encompasses formulating a debt restructuring plan where I always look for the very best terms for my clients. To ensure success I will work hard to set up a plan that sets up a path for success. The better the deal we can get with creditors the more income you take home to save and invest.

Once your debt restructuring plan is filed with an Insolvency Trustee the next phase in getting debtors a fresh start encompasses two significant steps. The first is to begin rebuilding credit. We take a very comprehensive approach to rebuilding your credit. It is essential that the necessary tools are provided and with a detailed plan put in place. There are two primary goals for rebuilding credit. One is to pay off what is owed in the Consumer Proposal as soon as possible and the other is to have at least 3 institutions report to the credit bureau, ideally, this should begin as soon as possible.

The first step in rebuilding credit includes using a secured or unsecured credit card. This reports to the credit bureau each month. I will assist you in providing the information so you can make the most informed choice. We have several other products for you to choose from that would report to the credit bureau.

The second part of the credit rebuilding strategy involves a budgeting plan to assist you in paying off your Proposal as soon as possible. I will set up a budget so you will save money weekly and at the end of each month sufficient will be saved that you can put money away for saving and investing and putting the extra amount into your Proposal. As the months go by, you will have a nice nest egg saved and sufficiently paid off your Consumer Proposal. The big bonus in paying it off sooner is getting an immediate boost in your credit score.

I feel strongly about doing everything in my means to set up a plan for success. Many institutions out there claim to offer debt relief. If you really want to get a fresh start there is no one close to the services I provide is a part of 4 Pillars Consulting. From the first time you come in for the initial consultation through filing with the Trustee to rebuilding your credit and saving for your future, you can be absolutely sure that I will always be there for full support and encouragement.

About 4 Pillars Newmarket & Richmond Hill

4 Pillars Consulting has been helping families deal with debt for over 18 years. We have more than 50 offices in Canada including the Richmond Hill office.

You can be sure if you use 4 Pillars for debt help you are getting the best services possible. We are pleased to offer these services in our Richmond Hill office and to help consumers with their debt relief options.

Here are some of my contact points:

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My Newmarket office

My office location is: 17075 Leslie St. Unit 7, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8E1.

A recent letter from a client:

I have been working with Laurence Herzenberg out of the Newmarket, ON office and he has been amazing to deal with.

I contacted Laurence when I realized the debt I had was more than I could manage and needed to come up with a plan to deal with it and work on a better plan for the future. Laurence took the time to meet in person with me, speak over the phone, answer emails and texts even on a Sunday!

His information and reassurance have made this whole process workable. Trust me there were many emails and text and he answered every single one with information, support and encouragement. As I said to Laurence I am embarrassed by the situation I had gotten myself into but wanted to do better for myself and my 3 daughters. I am a single mom.

Along with rising costs and supporting myself and 3 daughters, the use of a line of credit and credit cards became a way of life at times. Not proud of where it got me however with Laurence's help and support along with some of your email tips I know I can overcome this.

I filed my consumer proposal on December 20th and I heard a week or 2 ago that my creditors have accepted the proposal, and he worked hard at it to make sure all of my required expenses were accounted for and that I would have a budget to work and live with afterward.

I know this is a learning process and I am working hard to get the proposal paid off sooner than the 5 years and to start to rebuild good credit.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you and express my sincere thanks for Laurence and 4 Pillars for the services and support they offer.

I look forward to seeing an email in my inbox to see what else I can learn and do to improve my credit and situation.

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As a national company we have helped thousands of Canadians just like you in financial trouble. We are the debt experts and we are good at what we do. To hear from some of the people we have helped click here: 4 Pillars Client Reviews

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