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Is A Debt Free Future Possible for Me?

By Terryl Allen

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Is A Debt Free Future Possible for Me?
It is, but I would like to ask the question this way; if a debt free future, near future, is possible for you, what would that do for your quality of life?
Even with life’s constant challenges, if you had zero debt and surplus cash flow what would that do for you? If you could keep your same job and not take on extra hours, if you didn’t have to use overtime or vacation pay for daily expenses, if you could put a little bit of cash into a savings account every month, would that change your outlook of the daily grind? The answer is… maybe.
Now let me pause here for a minute. My position in this small article is not for those who have amassed debt due to health challenges, or for single parents who were handed a bunch of debt by their estranged spouse. Nor is it for people who have had other life issues arise and through unforeseen circumstances have had to use credit to survive. The content within is more for those of us who struggle with general mismanagement of funds. Now most of us have been there at least once in our life.
Okay, back to the topic at hand. The answer to my initial question, is maybe. Why maybe? Well because the answer lies within the individual and their relationship toward money. If a person thinks that all of their problems, their attitude, and even bad habits could be solved with more money, then in that regard debt freedom or excess cash flow may not help this individual. It is important for a person to first see money on an inanimate, non-personal level and that money or the lack thereof has no bearing on their happiness. Many of us have seen the malcontent multi-millionaire and the euphoric poor man. Comparing one’s self to others who have less or others who have more will also not make things better for an individual, but this does have the potential to make things seem worse.
Look, I am a debt relief specialist, not a psychotherapist so I will digress. All I am saying is that solving debt and increasing cash flow is one thing. I/we do it every day with clients in our office. It’s the go forward plan and the work which needs to be put in afterwards so that new habits and perspectives are put in place. Believe me, the effort is worth it. Sometimes people say to me “You mean now you’re going to tell me how to spend my money and what to do with it”? They take offense or don’t want my assistance. My answer to that seemingly rhetorical question is; No, now I am going to assist you in having your money stop telling you what to do; that you can’t sleep tonight, that you need to pick up more hours at work, that you can’t take a vacation this year.

As I said, it’s about changing the entire relationship with money.

Terryl Allen of 4 Pillars Barrie  can make that happen.  Your best option for debt relief may be consolidation, budgeting, or another form of debt settlement.  Terryl will help reduce your debt in a supportive and compassionate manner.  To learn more call Terryl Allen at 705 812 0578.  Before you know it you’ll be saving your pennies and singing all the way to the bank.

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