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Canadian families choose 4 Pillars to help them find solutions to deal with $1,000,000 of consumer debt every day.
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The debt industry is complex and designed to work in favour of banks, credit card companies, and creditors. We’re changing that.

At 4 Pillars, we use education and our extensive experience to show you the best path out of debt based on your unique financial situation.

Get a clear view of your best options

Should you use a credit counselor? Is bankruptcy the right option for your situation? At 4 Pillars, we help you find the most effective debt option for your situation. Our goal is to help you pay back the least amount possible, immediately fix your cash flow, and rebuild your financial future with ongoing education.

Each situation is different. Think of us as an independent perspective, helping YOU decide which option will help you keep the most assets and be the right choice for your goals and situation. From your local bank to Licensed Insolvency Trustees to credit counseling to debt refinancing—there are many different types of options (all with their own costs, pros, and cons) trying to win your money. Despite what they might tell you, any company or professional (including free credit counseling) benefits financially from you choosing them to deal with your debt.

4 Pillars offers an independent view. We could recommend that you consolidate your debt through refinancing. We could recommend that you file a consumer proposal with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. There might even be an opportunity for you to deal directly with your creditors to reduce your debt. Either way, 4 Pillars offers guidance, experience, and solutions to solve your debt challenge based on what will be best for your long-term financial recovery.

Beating the Debt Game

by Paul Murphy

You’ve seen the headlines. Canadians are greatly overextended in debt, a paycheque away from serious trouble, and further at the mercy of the vast financial system that controls most of our lives.

The stakes are high. The game is rigged. And yet, most Canadians know little about how the debt world really works. Even worse, they don’t know that with a little knowledge any Canadian can make the debt system work for them, instead of against them.

This book is a short guide to tipping the debt scales back in your favour. This book will be your weapon against debt, your financial education that should have been taught in high school, and hopefully a cold dose of common sense to help you avoid falling deeper into those financial traps that attempt to reduce our ability to build long-term wealth and divert our paychecks to the banks, credit cards, and high-interest lenders.

We’re transparent about our fees

Canadians are unaware that credit counseling companies charge a fee. They are funded by creditors to offer their services. Not surprisingly, debtors who use the services of credit counselors often pay back 100% of their debt.

Canadians are also unaware that Licensed Insolvency Trustees are compensated based on the size of the consumer settlement, whereas the bigger the settlement, the more they are paid.

Like any professional service, our fees are clearly outlined at the outset of the process. However, our clients agree that the fees charged are tiny in comparison to the debt reduction gained, and the improvement of their financial situation, improvements resulting from our guidance and expertise.

The creditors don’t fund us. We don’t receive a percentage of what you pay back; therefore, we have absolutely no conflicts of interest. Our allegiance is only to you, the debtor, we are committed to helping.

Regain financial control

Begin with a free, independent review of your financial situation. With timely counseling, a solid plan to deal with your debt, plus immediate credit rebuilding, you can move on from your debt, wiser, financially solid and fortified against ever going into debt again. At 4 Pillars, we provide the most comprehensive support program in the industry so you can become and remain debt-free.

We have offices across Canada. Find your local office. Speak to our experts. And make sure you check out the 2,900+ reviews of 4 Pillars via the independent review site TrustPilot.

"You have taken us from the verge of financial ruin and put us on the path of financial independence."
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Common Questions

How much will it cost to work with 4 Pillars?

Our fees are based on a couple of factors, including the time involved working on your case, the number and type of creditors involved in your case ... Read More

Will debt restructuring affect my credit rating?

Different restructuring options have different effects on your credit rating. As a general rule any time you settle your debt at less than 100 cents on the ... Read More

Can I keep any credit cards?

This largely depends on the type of restructuring used. If you file a Bankruptcy, then you cannot obtain or have any credit during this process ... Read More

What is debt restructuring?

Debt restructuring is the best solution for resolving your financial problems in the event that you are unable to pay your bills. Read More

Debt shouldn't take over your life. We create a plan to get the creditors off your back while helping you restructure your debt, often only paying back a fraction of what is owed.

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"The stress and worries are over. We are living again."
Actual client testimonial. Name removed to protect privacy.

We're across Canada.

  • We have over 51 locations across Canada. For 19 years 4 Pillars has helped Canadians deal with unmanageable debt, giving them a second chance in their financial lives.
  • We only operate in Canada. We know the rules, we know the unique and complex legislation of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act as well as the other options available in each province.
  • Barring extraordinary circumstances, we will present a plan to reduce your debt to a fraction of what you currently owe. We have a 97% success rate doing just that.

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