Employment Opportunities at 4 Pillars

We are an independent firm of debt and credit specialists with specific expertise in supporting and guiding the restructuring of our clients' personal debt and helping them build a strong financial future.

Why our company is growing in Canada

In today's economy, more and more Canadians are facing higher than expected debt levels, causing increased financial stress and requiring long term professional solutions.

4 Pillars Consulting Group is a dedicated team of highly trained, compassionate, professionals committed to finding the right financial solutions for consumers overwhelmed with debt. 4 Pillars Consulting Group now has over 60 offices in operation across Canada.


We are honored to provide consumers the support and guidance they need and see them excited and passionate about their financial future. Visit our Trustpilot page to read testimonials from consumers all over Canada who we have had the privilege to work with.

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Our page contains postings highlighting relevent stories, our work to shape financial literacy in Canada, and testimonials from our clients.

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