David Moffatt
  • David Moffatt

  • Unit 130 - 50 Eileen Stubbs Ave
    Dartmouth, NS
    B3B 0M7
  • 902-482-9748
  • halifax@4pillars.ca

David is very knowledgeable, understanding and efficient with what he does. He works to help people with no judgement. If you are having financial problems related to debt I highly recommend you contact David of 4 Pillars. He has helped me and my family get back on track financially.

Marsha Lynds - Halifax, NS

I have had the pleasure of working alongside David Moffatt with several clients and his professionalism and work ethic is second to none.

David Clarke - Halifax, NS

David is the best in taking care of your debits .very professional in what he does and how he treats people Tks David you are a life saver

Gary Mcavoy - Halifax, NS

Very professional and knowledgeable, a fantastic company.

Adrian Moore - Halifax, NS

David Moffatt and 4Pillars gave me a new lease on life. They helped me get rid of an overwhelming and crippling debt that I figured I was always going to be stuck with. David is very professional, does a thorough job and really cares about his clients. I would highly recommend David Moffatt and 4Pillars to anyone who is having debt problems.

David Cowan - Halifax, NS

My husband had a massive stroke on September,7,2011 he was 49 years old.After that Mel could not work,and he went on long term disability.He was supposed to have it until he was 65 years old,but the insurance company cut him off.Then a month later I lost my job,because the place I worked at closed.So we decided that we were going to fight the insurance company,so we hired a lawyer,and that is where our nightmare began.I got a new job that had health benefits but it only paid minimum wage.At the the time our credit was good,but we ended up using our credit cards and the line of credit to pay our bills.We were forced to put ourselves in debt,so that we could survive.We tried really hard to make what little I had coming in and Mel's disability checque which only covered our rent.The best thing to happen to myself and Mel was looking in the phone book and finding the name and number for David Moffatt,he made us feel very comfortable,and listened as we told him about our financial situation ,and he told us in detail what were our options and what best fit our situation .If you need help and you do not know how to fix it David Moffatt is the guy you need to see.He will help you find a solution,and we will be forever grateful for everything he has done to help us.

Tammy Barnes - Halifax, NS

I have to say, I am in the best possible financial place...FINALLY!!! All thanks to 4 Pillars Consulting, Debt Relief and David Moffatt. I have to admit, I was nervous and skeptical at first to go through a debt consulting agency as I didn't know much about this entire process, but I was brought up to speed with the help of David and his team. I was over $18,000 in debt as a single woman working two jobs, so it was incredibly stressful; but going through a recommended Consumer Proposal, he brought me down to only $6000.00! I was absolutely thrilled! He took the time step-by-step to explain to me how the process works and was completely realistic as to what was expected and thankfully, everything went without a hitch. David was honest, professional, respectful and made me feel at ease as I trusted him and the work he was doing to help me get back on financial track. His rates are also incredibly reasonable and to be honest, I feel he may have been underpaid for his work. He also went out of his way to make personal calls and responded almost immediately to any questions I had. I would highly recommend 4 Pillars and David to help with your debt and also the "after care" as he is still continuing to provide his services to rebuild my credit and I will be back in good credit/ financial standing in less than a couple of years!

Alicia MacGrath - Halifax, NS

Through the 4 Pillars program, I am able to live without the extra stress of creditors hounding me daily. Thank you David Moffatt and 4 Pillars. You have saved my life. Eric

Eric - Halifax, NS

David and his 4 Pillars team explained all our options in terms we could understand. He was honest and without judgement, which was very important to us. Thanks to them getting out of debt has been stress free. I highly recommend calling them.

James - Halifax, NS

With David's help we cut our debt by almost 60 percent! His support helped us through a very trying time. He made the whole process painless and gave us hope for our future. I don't know where we would be without his help. Thank you David.

John and Rachel - Kentville, NS

After a very bad break up I had to start all over again. As a single mother receiving no child support and mounds of debt it was hard to make ends meet even having to get food from the food bank from time to time. I met a new man (whom I ended up marrying) it was very stressful having that debt hanging over my head in a new relationship. So I decided I had to do something to alleviate the stress it was causing. I saw an ad on Facebook about debt resolution and thought well it doesn't hurt to inquire, and to my surprise it was the best decision I've ever made. David was wonderful to deal with, he explained everything in detail and if I had questions (which I had many) he was quick with his response. Now I can make one affordable monthly payment, and still have money for food and other necessities. The best part is I can get my credit back faster than if I went bankrupt. Thanks David you save me thousands of dollars and countless hours I spent worrying where I'm going to get the money to pay my bills. I would recommend you to anyone whom I know is in the same situation I was in.

Allison C. - Halifax, NS

Shortly after I signed with 4 Pillars my creditors stopped calling me. I had to check my phone to make sure it was still working. David was amazing. Very supportive as we worked on reducing my debt. It feels like a weight has been lifted and it's all thanks to David and 4 Pillars Halifax.

Amy, Teacher - Dartmouth, NS

I did not have a lot of debt, but what I did have had to be dealt with before I could move on in a new career that I had chosen. Thanks to 4 Pillars for guiding me in the right direction and helping me find a solution.

Marlene - Halifax, NS

I would like to thank you very much for helping me in this matter. It helps me a lot to survive... And to have a new hopes in life...

Mitch - Halifax, NS

4 Pillars Administration;

We would like to thank the administration, primarily David Moffatt, for the excellent service we received from 4 Pillars. As Debt. Relief Specialist they are second to none. As a married couple who were struggling with a failing business we were at a loss as to what our legal options were and what direction to go in. 4 Pillars was able to guide us through the process step by step. We were grateful for the support and knowledge that was shared with us. From the first to last meeting the stress of our business closure and subsequent stress on our personal finances subsided as we became aware of our options. Following the step by step Debt. Proposal plan was the best option for us after a review on our financial review.

David Moffatt was very quick to respond to all correspondence and questions. He also provided us with the essential guidance and recommendations to take control of our personal finances and responsible spending.

Having someone that truly partnered with us from first desperate contact, through all the document preparation and creditor advice, certainly eased the stress & pressure of our financial situation. Their business as “Debt Relief Specialists”, certainly is just that. We feel very grateful for the support, professionalism, knowledge and respect given to us by the 4 Pillars Administration. We would strongly recommend anyone needing direction in their debt, personal or business, to contact David Moffatt at 4 Pillars, Debt Relief Specialists.

Grateful Clients

Anonymous - Halifax, NS

Easy, reliable, honest and a great sence of humor which let all this be a lot less stressful

Donna M - Halifax, NS

David Moffatt
  • David Moffatt

  • Unit 130 - 50 Eileen Stubbs Ave
    Dartmouth, NS
    B3B 0M7
  • 902-482-9748
  • halifax@4pillars.ca

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