Starting a business and buying a franchise might seem overwhelming but we've helped get over 50 locations up and running across Canada and are here to help you through the process. Here is what we offer new franchise owners.

Our Franchise Training Program

The 4 Pillars Consulting Group training system is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to build the necessary skills to be successful in your new franchise business. Our training program covers all aspects of building your skills, business and marketing plans, and financial knowledge to become a one-of-a-kind consultant in your field. The program builds a solid foundation for being successful in your business venture as a unique 4 Pillars Consultant in North America.

Once you have selected your territory and signed all the necessary franchise documents, you are ready to begin your training program. We've broken it up into the following stages:

Stage 1: Business Development

Office selection, business and marketing plan development, territory assessment, key contact research.

Stage 2: Computer Training

Upon receiving their office equipment, each new office goes through a comprehensive computer system skill development training plan. Each program is tailored around the skill level of the new consultant. Ongoing computer training is continuous and always available.

Stage 3: Consultant Training

Soon after coming on board you will also receive your consultant training manuals that are comprised of 7 binders of detailed information to guide you through operating your new business. These binders cover all aspects of your business and many offices reference them regularly years after coming on board. It is also during this time that a representative from head office will visit your new business location and over a 3 or 4 day period, review each binder in detail.

Stage 4: Field Training

During this stage of our training program you will spend time in the field with either a Master Franchise or head office representative learning and watching about how to conduct your business on a day-by-day basis. This allows the new consultant to review what they have learned to date, review their initiation business and marketing plans and gain the confidence to begin operating their business. In most cases, a new office will already have begun to receive inquiries from potential clients and these new leads are used as training tools as they continue to ramp up their business.

Stage 5: Follow up Training

During the first 90 days, each new lead is required to be reviewed with the representative from head office. This provides ongoing learning and the chance to develop the necessary skills as a consultant. After the 90 days, a detailed evaluation is conducted and the business is reviewed. Ongoing support is continuous throughout the first year of operation as representatives from head office make themselves available to conduct additional training as required and to review complicated files. Each opportunity is used to continue the development of the skills of the newer consultants.

In addition to the five stage training program, our software systems include a secured community forum used by head office and our offices to share and post new articles on all aspects of the business. This community forum allows our offices to share their experiences and to offer advice and information on changes in the industry and new marketing programs that are creating positive results. This benefits all offices as the community continues to grow and contribute.