Office Establishment

There are many steps to establishing a new business, whether it's on your own or through the 4 Pillars Consulting Group System. Our motto is that "you work for yourself, not by yourself" and in establishing your new office we assist you in the following activities:

  1. To identify your new region using Canada Post postal codes and maps to outline your territory
  2. To establish your communication lines including phone and fax lines
  3. To consult with you regarding how your business operations will be setup, will you primarily work out of a business office, home office or both
  4. What other support equipment will you require, keyboards, monitors, printers
  5. What will be the terms of your new lease agreement
  6. Setting up your initial marketing campaign
  7. Setting up and reviewing your initial year of operational cash flows
  8. Ordering your marketing materials and client packages
  9. Setting up your online website profile and personal bio
  10. Create a customized training program for the quick establishment of your new business

Client Tracking

The core of the 4 Pillars IT strategy and franchisee support model is the Client Tracking System (CTS) online portal. It allows the offices to consistently achieve higher levels of service, reliability and performance.

The CTS Server combines office administrative planning with client consulting. As it evolves in functionality it automates many office and client processes streamlining the consulting process.

The technology of the CTS portal uses a state of the art server system with a database designed for processing online information that can handle millions of transactions per minute. 4 Pillars is dedicated to the ongoing development of this portal that continues to shorten client processing times.

The software is now in its 12th year of development and has simplified the consulting process by over 400%.

The CTS software system can now process clients in the field with the use of iPads for conducting client presentations, signing contracts and working through client work sheets.