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4 Pillars Articles by David Moffatt

Teaching Your Kids About Debt

By David Moffatt

As a parent, one of the things you are most likely to teach your child is that they shouldn’t touch a hot element on a stovetop because it will hurt them. However, it is just as important to teach them about other less obvious things that can hurt them as well, such as mismanaged finances. […]

Overwhelmed by debt? Here’s how to manage

By David Moffatt

Experiencing debt is stressful, and often takes a toll on your day-to-day lifestyle and health. While it’s easy to become overwhelmed, there are ways to deal with and manage your debt wisely, and get your financial future back on track. 4 Pillars Consulting Halifax is here to help you. It’s important to analyze your overall […]

Debt Issues, Who Can You Trust? 4 Pillars Halifax

By David Moffatt

Debt Issues, Who Can You Trust?   4 Pillars Halifax Trust is tricky.  Finding someone to trust with your secrets starts at a  young age, and you risk betrayal if the person you’ve entrusted with your faith fails to keep your confidence.  By the time you’re an adult, you’ve usually found someone you can trust and […]

How does 4 Pillars Halifax Set Me Up for Life?

By David Moffatt

How does 4 Pillars Halifax Set Me Up for Life? (An alternative approach to Trustees and Credit Counsellors.) That’s the goal, isn’t it?  Being set up for life.  But what does it mean to you?  For some, being set up for life means financial security.  For others it means the freedom to pursue your dreams.  […]

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