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Peter Temple, Your 4 Pillars Debt Consolidation Specialist in Coquitlam

Why is Peter Temple the preferred Debt Consolidation Specialist for you?

What makes Peter Temple the perfect Debt Specialist for you?

Compassion, understanding, and his well-honed analytical and problem solving skills make Peter Temple the ideal person to help you conquer your debt. Peter began as a Civil Engineer in Scotland but since 2008 Peter has proven himself to be a dedicated 4 Pillars Debt Specialist in Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Coquitlam and surrounding areas. Peter has seen, first hand, the true cost of debt on one's mental health, financial security, and personal relationships. It's Peter's goal to eliminate the stress of debt, putting you at ease while accompanying you on the road to financial recovery.

About 4 Pillars in Coquitlam

Peter Temple brings a unique skill set to your debt settlement. Well versed in Consumer Rights and Creditor Collection Law, Peter's engineering background actually allows him to view your debt from a different perspective while thoroughly analyzing your situation. He will then create a debt settlement strategy that work best for you. In fact, Peter is so dedicated to pulling his clients from the nightmare of debt he donates a portion of his client fee to the Mental Health programs at Burnaby Hospital.

With the support of 4 Pillars Debt Solutions, Peter is a Debt Specialist ready and willing to reverse your financial situation with compassion, respect and confidence. Whether you're looking for Debt Restructuring, Financial Consultation or Budgeting, Peter Temple of 4 Pillars is there to help.

Our Pledge to Your Health

We recognize the stress that comes with being in debt can have a negative impact on the emotional well-being of our clients.

The mental health of individuals living with debt has become a concern for the health and financial services sectors. At 4 Pillars, we support programs that benefit mental health in our community.

4 Pillars Burnaby will donate $50 from every client fee to the Mental Health and Substance Use Program at Burnaby hospital. We know that good mental health is key to your financial recovery.

How Peter Temple will reduce YOUR debt

As your 4 Pillars Debt Specialist, Peter Temple will help reduce your debt by up to 80%, eliminating that debt within 5 years. Peter works for you, not your creditors, so you are assured your best interest is his priority. After your free initial consultation Peter will create a plan to eliminate your debt; offering options you may not have thought possible. He will work with you to create a manageable budget and rebuild your credit. With debt restructuring, consolidation, and several settlement programs available, Peter will find the solution that works best for your personal situation.

DEBT is the number one reason marriages fail, businesses go bankrupt and Canadians live with an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety. 4 Pillars was created with one goal in mind, to represent their clients with compassion, understanding and respect, while helping to reduce, even eliminate their debt. Using their expertise in the industry and educating their clients throughout the whole process, the 4 Pillars Model is one to be envied. With a 97% success rate, 4 Pillars clients look forward to a debt free future and all of the peace of mind that entails.

4 Pillars' relationship with their clients doesn't end once their debt is reduced. They work with their clients, educating them while helping to rebuild their credit. As a result, when their clients are ready to re-enter the world of credit they do so armed with knowledge and the confidence to avoid future debt as well as the ability to spot a predatory creditor who will take advantage of them.

Consumer Proposal Verses Bankruptcy in Coquitlam

A bankruptcy should be the last resort and your financial recovery can be difficult. A Consumer Proposal is a legal option that lets you consolidate your debt and pay your creditors a much smaller portion of what you owe and if structured correctly it is the most effective way to deal with debt.

If your debt has reached a point where you are being told to declare bankruptcy, consider where you are getting that advice from because bankruptcy may not be your only option. The first thing you need to know is Bankruptcy Trustees have a duty to your creditors. They are not representing you. Peter Temple and 4 Pillars work for you, not your creditors.

Speak with Peter today and find out if there is an alternative to bankruptcy. If a Consumer Proposal is a better approach for your situation, Peter and the 4 Pillars team will structure the Consumer Proposal and represent you every step of the way. Before you sign anything, talk to Peter Temple. He will present you with all the facts and guide you through the process.

My Burnaby Office

The 4 Pillars office in Burnaby is located at: Unit 207 - 3989 Henning Drive Burnaby, BC V5C 6P8.

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday although out of hours appointments can be arranged if necessary.

The Not-So-Golden Years

People often joke about working well into their retirement. In Port Coquitlam they call it Freedom 95! But the reality is no joke. People are working well into retirement, not because they want to, but because they have to. Peter recently helped a local couple who were still working, in their 80s. Their $140,000 dollar debt left them no choice. Peter created a debt settlement strategy that utilized their existing assets and let them retire in comfort. So now, instead of working 'from dawn til dusk' they are fully enjoying their retirement. Peter still checks in with them and they are doing great!

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Peter Temple
  • Peter Temple

  • 221 - 3989 Henning Drive
    Burnaby, BC
    V5C 6P8
  • 778 340-4002

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