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Calgary - South Testimonials

  • John and Jennifer Croft

  • Suite #300 - 340 Midpark Way SE
    Calgary, AB
    T2X 1P1
  • 403-668-6493
  • calgary@4pillars.ca
This office has '.200.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

Calgary - South Testimonials

She took my debt from $32,000 to $9,600

Before I called Jennifer I was up to my neck in debt. Not really understanding the true value of money and it's worth made it very easy to rack up credit card debt. I got a second job and was struggling trying to pay over $700 monthly just making the minimum payments. After spending over a year stressed and tired from working 60 hours a week I was referred to Jennifer Croft by a friend who was also helped by 4Pillars. I explained my situation to Jennifer and she immediately took action! She took my debt from $32,000 to $9,600. My experience with Jennifer was amazing!! She was very understandable and knowledgeable and was always available any time I had questions. Instead of paying over $700 per month towards my debt I now pay $160. I've been able to quit my second job and actually start saving money. Doing a proposal with Jennifer Croft was the smartest choice I've made.

Maggie - Calgary, AB

Highly Recommended!

When I first thought about trying to get rid of my debt, the thought was overwhelming and embarrassing. I felt so lost & confused about where to even start that I usually just said forget it. When I came across 4 Pillars I was intrigued. When I met with Jennifer and she talked me through the process that was best for me I felt like there was hope. Before I even made my final decision to proceed there was a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now that my debt is gone, and my credit has hope for improvement. I am so happy that I decided to work with 4 Pillars & Jennifer. They made the process easy, and more importantly they took the embarrassment away! I HIGHLY recommend them! And I encourage anyone on the fence about using their services to jump off and just do it, you'll be so glad you did!

Candace - Calgary, AB

This office has '.200.'+ outstanding customer service reviews.

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